Commercial Real Estate Website Design
in 2-Weeks

Get online. Attract leads. Make magic.

*2 weeks turnaround for first draft of premade website package.

A desktop computer monitor, tablet and phone all displaying a commercial real estate website with responsive design pulling in leads from all over.

Websites without lead capture are jewelry.

Nice to look at, but not useful.

Commercial Real Estate Website Designs
with Lead Attracting Magic

Vector image of a laptop computer, a magnet sitting on the keyboard pointing up attracting leads.

Website design for leads.

Commercial real estate website design meant to do one thing – capture leads.  Our simple design process takes as little as 2-weeks to receive your first draft.

Vector image of a business woman on her laptop with flyers flying in the air.

Marketing templates included.

You’ll get access templates to create your own listing brochures, offering memorandums, broker opinion of value, and more!

Vector image of a business woman on her laptop with flyers flying in the air.
Vector image of a crowd business people at the top of sales funnel with money coming out of the bottom.
Sales funnels get more leads.

Step-by-step videos and templates included to build sales funnels that drive traffic to your website and get more leads.

Websites alone aren’t magic, so I include a Spell Book.

Websites come with ALL Sales Funnel Masterclasses, which include templates to create marketing materials, step-by-step sales funnel videos, and so much more. Everything you need to work wonders!

  • 100+ Happy Commercial Real Estate Clients.

  • Over 50 Commercial Real Estate Brokerages Hosting with Us.

  • 100s of Sales Funnels Created with Our Templates.

I’m on a mission. I’m taking the “broke” out of commercial real estate brokerage.

I want to start with you.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

How it works

Get a Website

Commercial real estate website design with lead capture can be ready in 2-weeks.

Access Materials

Access templates for commercial real estate listing brochures, OMs and much more.

Create Sales Funnels

Follow step-by-step videos on building sales funnels to get more leads.

Websites alone aren’t magic, but
Websites + Sales Funnels can work wonders!

Commercial real estate brokerages just like yours are making the switch to a digital strategy that really works. With our websites + spell book… I mean Sales Funnel Masterclasses, you’ll have everything for success in this new, digital world.

Web design comes with SEO package, enhanced user experience, responsive layout, and IDX integration included in development, if needed.

Attract investors and brokers to your listings by advertising them on your site. Our CRE listing plugin is available with web hosting to showcase all your properties and listings for sale or leasing.

Full access to all Sales Funnel Masterclasses are included in both website packages.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a “Spell Book” and why are you weird?2024-07-03T21:43:26+00:00

Ok, I don’t actually provide a “spell book.” Full access to the Sales Funnel Masterclasses is pretty magical.  These masterclasses will give you everything you need to create leads lists, cold call on a mass scale, marketing material templates (listing brochures, offering memorandums, broker opinion of values, and more), how to turn your listings around fast, and so much more.  You’ll get everything you need to market your commercial real estate brokerage and build sales funnels. All Sales Funnel Masterclasses are FREE with website purchase.

“Sometimes magic is just someone spending more time on something than anyone else might reasonably expect.” – Teller.  

How do the websites generate leads?2024-07-04T20:24:02+00:00

An eBook will be provided as a lead magnet. It will be added to your website with a contact form to collect contact info.  If a website visitor isn’t quite ready to do business with you today, they can get the eBook, and you’ll get a new lead.  Choose one for your business!  You’ll also receive FULL ACCESS to the Sales Funnel Masterclasses, comes with 16+ additional lead magnets.

How much does a website cost?2024-07-03T21:22:02+00:00

Download the pricing guide by clicking “GET PRICING” below and see which option works best for you. (I should say, “how much is a bad website costing you?” But, I’m not the type to rub it in…)

How much time does building a website take?2024-07-03T21:32:16+00:00