4 Ways to Market Your Commercial Real Estate Properties

An excellent agent will not only know how to create leads but will also be seasoned marketers. In addition to promoting themselves and their business, agents also have to promote properties to attract potential clients. Therefore, brokers and agents also require a commercial real estate marketing plan which can generate interest through conventional and online [...]

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Best Prospecting Tips for Commercial Real Estate Professionals

Finding the right prospects can make or break your commercial real estate business. Commercial real estate is a numbers game, the more prospects, the more likely you’ll get regular deals following through the pipeline. Therefore, you have to learn how to find and convert potential cleints by convincing them about the merits of your business. [...]

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5 News Sites for Commercial Real Estate

It is crucial to stay updated about current trends and opportunities in the competitive commercial real estate market. By following what is happening in the market, you can not only create effective growth strategies, but you can also avoid common problems agents and brokers face. Additionally, you can also find technological breakthroughs to implement in [...]

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5 CRMs (Client Relationship Management) for Commercial Real Estate

Managing a commercial real estate business involves a lot of organizational skills. There is an increased focus on effective planning and communication to retain and attract potential clients. The company can benefit from a system that streamlines processes and manages financials and documentations to keep the business on track. A client relationship management software can [...]

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5 Reasons to Use WordPress for Your Commercial Real Estate Website

Identifying the best platform for building your commercial real estate website is an important decision, and while there are a few options out there, we suggest using WordPress. WordPress might have started as a blogging tool, but it has evolved to become a powerful website builder and excellent content management system (CMS). WordPress is easy [...]

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How to Handle Cold vs Warm Leads

You can't treat your cold and warm leads the same. Check out some helpful techniques and learn where you can get pre-written templates for both cold and warm commercial real estate leads. https://wealthycre.com

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4 Tips for Choosing a Commercial Real Estate Website Template

Websites are an excellent source of lead generation for your commercial real estate business, which is why you must spend some time getting it right. Several factors affect viewer retention on your website, including loading speed, design, and user experience. If this is your first website, you might be overwhelmed by the design element as [...]

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5 Tips for A Successful Commercial Real Estate Marketing Plan

Commercial real estate agents need to focus on establishing a credible presence in the industry. One of the best ways to do that is by creating a marketing plan which is an informational document and guide for agents and brokers to promote themselves and their business. The document explains what the company does, how they [...]

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Where’s the Money?

The promises were always if you go the commercial route in real estate, you'll be a millionaire! Time moves on and you're pounding the pavement but you can't seem to break over the low $100s, or you may be stuck under $100k. Let's talk about it. https://wealthycre.com

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