Guess what?  This weekend is my Birthday!!


I love my birthday because that means

I’m off in Sedona, at a beautiful hotel swimming

in the desert sun, relaxing in a swanky resort,

kayaking down the river, and eating the best food in

Arizona (sorry, Tucson, I think Sedona has the best food,

you still have the best bars).


My birthday wasn’t always rosy.

When I was in school, my birthday always landed

on finals week.  UGH!!!


If you’re doing the math, that means junior high

through college, my birthday was full of studying,

tests, more studying and more tests.

That’s 12 years of crappy birthdays.

Not anymore, my friend.  I’m celebrating!


And you can celebrate with me!

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This expires Monday, May 30th at 9pm Arizona time.


You won’t get any reminder emails,

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~ Brandy