I started offering website design in

tiered packages, probably back in 2018.

The concept was to make it easier to

get everything you want in an

“all inclusive” package.


Commercial real estate brokerages

can also use tiers in commission rates.


For instance, a lower rate gets you a

1-page brochure, posted on LoopNet,

CREXi and one sign.


While another tier gets you a

full brochure with retail map, etc. etc.

…you get the idea.


Packaging services into easily

understood tiers is an easy way

to establish value for potential clients.


Recently, I’ve decided to simplify my

website pricing even further.


Now it’s a single price and everything else

can be added-on as needed.


I decided to do this to because you

wouldn’t believe how many people

ordered the higher tiers with the

automated welcome sequence emails

and never used them.




Now, you can order all the cool stuff

that makes Calico Marketing’s websites

so unique in “ala carte“ style,

ensuring you don’t pay for something

you don’t need.


And (for my sanity)

I don’t spend hours of work on

something you’ll never use.


Price List for 2022


If you’re looking for a great

website design that converts for

commercial real estate,

check out my

Website design package!


A GREAT commercial real estate

website will turn traffic into leads

with multiple points of entry like

eBooks, contact forms, and more.


Creating websites that turn

traffic into leads is another way

I’m taking the “broke” out of

commercial real estate brokerage.


So, check it out!

Website design package


Price List for 2022