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Commercial Real Estate
Brochures & Offering Memorandum Templates

Easy to edit. One-time fee. No subscriptions.

Tired of over-priced listing brochure creators?

Annoyed at high monthly bills but wary of trying something else? I understand.

  • Training a designer on commercial real estate is impossible.

  • The build process is time consuming.

  • It’s too hard to do-it-yourself.


The truth is:

Creating a listing brochure should be easy.
It should NOT drain all of your time and money.

4 Listing Brochures and
4 Offering Memorandums and more
included in

Sophisticated property brochure designs can turn listings around faster. Brochure designer fees are off the charts! Online brochure builders cost hundreds of dollars per month. And you don’t have design skills to create an amazing template by yourself.

Branding Hero includes EVERYTHING you need to create listing brochures & OMs.

Included with the brochure and OM templates are videos that show you how to customize the templates for your building. You’ll get (4) listing brochures, (4) offering memorandums. Including specialized templates for Multifamily and Land sales.

Also included:

  • Company Brochure
  • Services Brochures
  • Broker Opinion of Value
  • Slide Deck (pre-written with customizable pitch)
  • Sales / Lease Comparables
  • Market Report

What do I get with
Branding Hero?

  • Lifetime access

  • No Subscription!

  • One-time fee ONLY!

Templates included + “How to” Videos:

Brand Messaging:

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Unique Selling Proposition (20 Qs)

  • Identifying Pain Points
  • Your Offer
  • Brand Voice
  • Telling your Story
  • Your Zoom Space

If you are looking for and easy brochures and offering memorandums for your commercial real estate listings Branding Hero is for you!

Mockups of all the commercial real estate marketing materials within the package.

Happiness Guaranteed!

Love it or I’ll provide a refund.

Hi, I’m Brandy

The owner of Calico Marketing.

It’s hard to find a brochure designer with reasonable rates and nearly impossible to find one that knows anything about commercial real estate. And maintaining monthly fees for brochure design services can rack up fast.

I set out on a mission to make the brochure process a whole lot easier, and less expensive, for commercial real estate agents.

Scroll down a bit and I’ll tell you how.

Tempted to try them out?

I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

It’s easier than you think…

I know, it seems too good to be true.

Let’s break it down.

How do I edit the templates?2023-09-08T18:09:14+00:00

You will receive the brochure templates in Google Slides.  You can save them as Power Point presentations and PDFs.

How much do they cost?2022-10-14T19:07:32+00:00

We offer the brochure templates at a one-time-fee, no subscription, at price that suits most budgets.  (I should ask, “how much is a bad brochure costing you?” But, I’m not the type to rub it in…)

How much time is it going to take?2022-10-14T18:13:40+00:00

Many agents say they spend less than a 3-hours on the first template tweaks, and as little as 30-mins on creating each new brochure.

How much can be customized?2022-10-14T18:15:24+00:00

Everything!  From the colors, to the number of pages, to the layout, everything can be customized by you.

Is there a subscription?2022-10-14T18:17:08+00:00

No!  There is only a single, one-time-fee.  No monthly or yearly fees.

Will the templates pull demographic info?2022-10-14T18:41:27+00:00

No.  These are templates that are not connected to a database.  Any demographic data will need to be added by copy/paste. Or use Acrobat to combine PDF files to attach demographics to your brochures.

Will the templates pull maps automatically?2022-10-14T18:43:47+00:00

No.  These are templates that are not connected to a GIS system.  Any mapping will need to be added by copy/paste. In the video tutorial, I show you how to add screenshots and design elements to create maps.

Have another question? Reach out!

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