People really like to throw the word “brand” around, but what exactly does it mean?  Branding is essentially getting people to know, like and recognize you.  How exactly is this done?

1) Cohesive marketing materials.  I’ll say it until I’m blue in the face… Your materials should look the same.  If every listing brochure is radically different in color scheme and layout, it’s time to rein in the creativity.  All of your materials should have the same basic look and color scheme from your listing brochures to your company profile.  If you’re guilty of this, you’re thinking, “Won’t that get boring?”  For you, yes.  The people at Nike are horribly bored of that swoosh, but you’d probably be upset if they changed it.  It’s the same concept – people associate your consistent look and color scheme with you.  They may not recognize that listing as yours if you have 10 listings, all with different brochure styles.

2) Tell the truth.  “I’m a specialist in medical office…and NNN tenants…and multifamily…and, and, and…” I’ve personally known a few agents with different business cards, each highlighting a different specialty.  That used to work, but in this Internet age, there’s too much information out there to pretend to be anything you’re not.  All it takes is a LoopNet search through your past listings to see you’re not a triple-net specialist after-all.  The key to getting people to like you (both personally and professionally) is being yourself.

3) Choosing an expertise.  This doesn’t mean you should say “no” to any listing / project.  This only means you should advertise for the deals you want.  If you accept a call-in from someone looking for industrial warehouse space, that doesn’t mean you have to throw out all your “NNN Leasing Specialist” flyers.  Sending out mailers, emails, and voicemail blasts about your services for NNN Leasing only means your prospecting for those types of deals.  That’s in no way harming your ability to sell an office condo.  Choosing a specialty and sticking to it with advertising is one of the easiest and more effective ways to get people to know you.

4) Advertising yourself.  A lot of people get this confused, but Branding isn’t advertising!!!  Branding is your consistent message (your truth), color scheme and layout being used over and over again.  Use the exact same branding you have in your listing brochures / company profile for your advertising.  This means, if you’re doing a mass voicemail cast or mailer, keep the message exactly the same.  Also, ensure your mailers look like your brochures.  Everything should match to ensure potential clients can make the connection between you and your marketing materials.

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