Broke as a joke?  Me too!  Here are seven great tips to commercial real estate marketing with a small budget.  Shoestring marketing ideas that will cost a total of $25!

1) Blog / Content Creation. Writing won’t take any money, just time. Great, original content is the key to higher rankings in Google and repeat business.  Resist the urge to hire a professional writer.  They often don’t know a dang thing about commercial real estate and their content is frequently generic and unusable.  I’ve personally hired a few to do blog posts but ended up re-writing the entire article, making the whole process a waste of time and money.  No idea what to write?  Here are 7 Tips for a Successful CRE blog.  Writing new and original content can be a great revenue generating activity that costs $0

2) Newsletter. Creating one or two blog posts per month will keep you in enough content for your monthly newsletter. Keep in touch with prior, current and future clients with a monthly newsletter.  Fill it with information that your clients want to read like trends in investing, tips to finding a new space, or retail information.  If you don’t have the time to write, consider filling it with “helpful articles” from around the Internet.  With services like MailChimp, they offer free email for under 12,000 emails per month, total cost $0.

3) Google My Business Account. Be sure your business is listed on Google’s Business directory. This will ensure your brokerage shows up when locals search for “commercial real estate agents” or brokerages in their area.  If you’re a single agent, consider getting a UPS box, and your own LLC to promote your services as your own business.  Creating your business’s directory on Google totals at $0.

4) Press Releases. Don’t depend on your broker to do your press releases. They often only choose the top 3 deals for the month to distribute to their PR list.  Start by writing down all your local CRE magazines and newsletters.  Check out CCIM, NAIOP, NREI, real estate specialists in local newspapers, and any other local magazine or newsletter that produces content.  These publications will provide their emails and fax numbers for you to submit information.  Send all your recent dealings to your PR contacts, be sure to Blind CC, as some may not publish information if they believe someone else beat them to it.  More info on getting started with Press Releases.  Total cost to email press releases, $0.

5) Contribute to industry blogs and magazines. Let’s combine your blog / content creation with press releases and send your content to your press release list and / or to other industry blogs for “guest author”. Most PR and industry specific blogs enjoy getting content, linking back to your website and showing your contact info.  Total cost for guest authoring, $0.

6) Comment on blog posts or forums. Having a well written comment with additional information on the subject or offering related services is a great way to participate in a community blog / forum and get your name out there. If your comments aren’t spammy they’ll likely get approved for published articles.  You never know how much traffic a certain page or blog gets, so don’t hold back on relevant and intelligent comments.  Cost for blog / forum comments, $0.

7) Website. Seriously, if you don’t own a website by now, there’s no hope for you!  Even if you are an agent working under a brokerage, you should have your own website.  (  If you decide to change brokerages or go it alone, your former clients will be able to find you.  Bluehost offers a domain and hosting for about $2/month, everyone can afford that.  We have website design services for every budget!  Total cost for domain and hosting, about $25 per year.

See, I only spent $25 of your money!  Marketing isn’t about who has the biggest budget, it’s about who cares the most about their business.