You’ve probably done a series of mailers and wondered, “Why am I not getting a response?” Many agents assume mailers are an age-old way to do marketing, but they can be just as profitable as yesteryear.   We live in the age of information that’s personalized for us. Your mailers need to change to adapt to this new way of thinking.

1. No more “I do everything!” mailers.Let me guess…you have something really lame like, “I specialize in buying, selling and leasing!” followed by “call me!” Am I right? Yeah.  Instead of blasting out a generic letter to potential investors, landlords and tenants, you need to separate them.

2. Marketing to landlords with vacancies. Put yourself in your target market’s shoes. You are a retail centre landlord and with too many vacant suites. Are you going to pay attention to someone who does “buying, selling and leasing”?  Probably not. You want an expert in leasing vacant space, that’s the expertise you need.  Send the landlords a piece about how you’ll advertise their vacancies.

Example, “Unlike other commercial real estate agents, I don’t throw up a sign and wait for the phone to ring. Instead, I place your vacant space on three of the most popular commercial real estate databases, create an amazing flyer, and place signage designed to lease your space (not advertise myself).” You’ve spoken directly to your target market! And you’ve address exactly how your process works. That’s much more powerful than a generic, “I can sell, lease, or find space for your business.”

3. Marketing to investors. Let’s imagine that we need to sell our office building. We don’t care if an agent has all the leasing experience in the world, we want to hear about how they’ll sell OUR building.  Write out your process, “I place your building on the most popular commercial real estate databases, create an amazing flyer, and place signage designed to sell your space (not advertise myself).”  See, changing a few words to match your target market isn’t too much extra work, but it will pay off in effective mailers!

4. Marketing to tenant rep. We’ll pretend we need new office space. Do you care if your agent does buying and selling?  No.  Let’s focus on what we can offer a tenant looking for space.  “What location is right for you?  Find the best location for your business with our demographics, traffic, and lease rate comparison!”

4. Take your time.Agents tend to rush through their mailers with the idea that anything is better than nothing. This can’t be further than the truth. Mailers can get very expensive and when you’re not doing them properly, you’re throwing away money. When writing letters or postcards, act as if you’re writing to one person directly. That retail landlord will want to know how exactly you’ll be helpful to his business. State the details of your marketing process, what will be provided, and how it will help a retail landlord. All the retail landlords will appreciate the customized content.

5. Consistency. I always suggest sending a mailer once every-other month. That’s 6 mailers per year. Going over that may appear desperate and turn off more prospects than encourage them to contact you.

6. Types of Mailers.I believe both letters and postcards can be equally informative and attractive in their own ways. A postcard will grab your attention but has limited content. A letter won’t grab your attention, but it has more content. A mix of both postcards and letters will usually get you a better response than choosing one over the other.

7. Ready-made-mailers. Make it easy on yourself and check out our ready-made Lead Generating Mailers with full content, design and photos included.