Sometimes it takes more than a sign to sell / lease a commercial property.  Unless you have a buyer or tenant lined up, you are going to need to market the site. In our increasingly online world, things have changed, and many – but not all – of the best marketing solutions are found on the internet. Read ahead for 4 smart ways to market a commercial property.


  1. Social media matters

Social media is about so much more than ‘liking’ your friends’ photos and sharing news of upcoming events – for those with commercial properties to market, social media can be harnessed and used to your advantage. Your business should have its own Facebook page, Instagram account and even a Twitter profile.
By using social media to share information about your property (along with other useful articles, photos and tools), you can provide your clients with a huge amount of value. They can engage with your content and share it amongst their own networks, and this will ideally gain you even more clients.


  1. Take advantage of online listings platforms

Online listings platforms such as LoopNet and CoStar are an integral part of any successful commercial real estate marketing plan. While some tenants and buyers do still check the print media for their real estate needs, the vast majority of your potential clients are solely found online. Do not miss out on this vast and ever-changing tool – you can list, edit and promote your properties on myriad different targeted platforms. Online commercial real estate databases.


  1. Create a dazzling website

There is no denying it – your commercial property portfolio must have its own website. This is the place where your potential buyers and tenants will view your properties, learn about your company and pass on the information to their friends, colleagues and partners. These days, companies without a professional and effective website can be perceived as small-time or old-fashion.  See our website design services.


  1. Attractive signage

Not all effective marketing strategies are found online – creating signage that attracts and wows the viewer is an important part of the real estate marketing process. It is key that you hire a professional designer to help your branding and physical signs stand out from the crowd – after all, this is often the first impression a drive-by clients will have of your company and its properties. More info on signs.