In today’s technology powered world, the utilization of email marketing has become main stream. Email marketing can become a great source of leads, bringing potential clients with very out-of-pocket cost.  With services like MailChimp offering free services (under 2,000 subscribers) it’s easy to get started building your email list!  Here are a few things to consider when using email marketing with the purpose of increasing leads.

1.      Consider your Target audience

Email marketing allows you to easily set up different marketing groups, select your target audience and tailor the information just for them. Consider setting up 3 different lists – Tenant Rep, Investors, and Landlords.  This will allow you to send information that interests each of your groups.  Tenant Rep would like to know about ways to calculate how much office space they need by number of employees.  Investors would like to know helpful tips on getting their “trouble buildings” sold quickly.  Landlords may be interested in sure-fire ways to lease that empty space.  Think of subjects the target audience would find interesting.  See our Lead Gen emails templates.

2.      Low Cost Advertising

While mailer marketing campaigns are great to get people to your website, email campaigns can be an inexpensive follow-up to those mailer campaigns.  Use your mailers to direct potential clients to your website to download a white paper in exchange for them signing up for your email marketing.  They will receive their PDF, you’ll get their email!  Every conversion can be calculated as $1 per postcard converts to just pennies now that they’re in signed up for your email newsletters.

3.      Starting Email Marketing is Easy

When using our email marketing templates, creating a new email is an easy process. In a fast paced industry such as commercial real estate, the ability to let clients know about new properties they may be interested can be important. Email marketing allows you to get maximum information out there as fast as possible.

4.      Show your industry knowledge

Targeting different groups of potential clients with different email marketing campaigns will allow you to show your expertise.  Breaking up your groups will allow you to pick and choose news articles and announcements related only to your potential client’s interests.

5.      Advertise Your Expertise

A regular email, like a newsletter, will keep your name fresh in the minds of potential clients. This will have a beneficial effect when they are looking for property, as your company name will be in the front of their mind when they need your services.


While all of this will make email-marketing work for your business, remember to keep track of how many email marketing campaigns you send out. Send too many and you run the risk of potential clients hitting the unsubscribe button. To sum up, make it relevant, fresh and of interest to your clients, and you’ll be increasing your leads in no time!