Opt-in email are active signs up to receive future emails. An easy way to get potential clients to sign up is simply asking if they would like to receive further information, I.E. Monthly Newsletter.

There are a number of ways to collect email addresses that will add to your database of potential clients. Remember, purchasing email lists is illegal in the United States. With a few exceptions, Opt-ins are the only way to build a legal email database. Here are a few ways to grow your opt-in email list.

1. Via your Website
The simplest way to gather customer info would be from your website. A simple form asking people to sign up to your newsletter or listings updates. If you have a similar form in use and it’s not bringing in the number of leads you’d prefer, consider offering a White Paper in exchange for their sign up.

2. Advertising your email list
OK, you remember how I said you can’t purchase emails? Well, you can purchase ads that encourage people to sign up for your newsletter.

You can set Facebook ads to show to business owners in your area and budget a mere $5/day to advertise.

facebook ad example

3. Forward to a friend
Use the forward to a friend option in all the emails that you send to existing customers. Most email services like MailChimp or Constant Contact have this feature built into their system.

4. Tradeshow events
If you attend trade events, remember to collect email addresses. Instead of bringing a stack of listing brochures, carry your iPad and offer to email information. It is always best to do this with an iPad or similar device, as it will avoid mistakes from difficult to read paper signup sheets later on.

5. Direct mail
Include a link to download a free White Paper and include an option for them to sign up for your monthly newsletters and listing information. If you want to lower the cost of your direct mail campaign, allow your potential clients to unsubscribe from direct mail. This will also prevent you from wasting money on mailers to people who are truly not interested.

6. QR Code
Add a QR code to all your listings fliers giving potential new customers the option to scan it. It should link to a page where they can sign up for your newsletter.

7. Blog posts
If you do regular blog posts on your website, remember to add a link or even a sign up form at the end of every post. You can also use your blog posts to create your monthly newsletters!

These are just a few examples of many you can do to increase your list, they will cost you very little to implement but the potential for extra business could be huge.