If you’re into using your website as a lead generator, you’ve probably noticed some changes on your Google Analytics.  Also, thanks to Google’s Penguin algorithm change, search engine optimization as we know it is changing forever.

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What’s with all of those “not provided” entries?!  Google, Firefox and Safari are punishing us all for the sins of a few.  (sigh)  OK, that’s just my opinion, but here are the facts.  (1) As long as a website visitor is logged into their Google account, analytics software will not log keywords. (2) Firefox started to use the encrypted search data as the default when users signed in to offer more privacy.  (3) Safari (on mobile Apple phones), enacts an encryption that blocks analytics software.

This change is leaving all of us wondering how to position our blogs and content if we don’t know what people want to read.  However, Google’s pay-per-click still faithfully logs which keywords do best and convert.  Sadly, this will have to be our new indicators of keywords, but we have to pay for them.

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Other changes include our keyword META TAGs, which are not necessarily “obsolete” but the Internet universe is quickly going in that direction.  Instead, your websites are going to need a consistent flow of original content.

If you don’t have a blog, now is the time to start one.  If you’re not participating in social media, get a smart phone and start acting like a teenager.  You need a steady stream of information connecting to your website through the social media networks.

Basically, quality content generation is IN.  It’s time to stop relying on keywords (we can’t track them anyway!) and start producing content that our target audience wants to read.

Note: This post seems like I’m complaining…but I have to admit something.  When Penguin 20 was released, Calico Marketing’s rankings skyrocketed above the spammy, low-quality content sites.  If you have a site with a high quality blog (tips for the readers, not just news about yourself) and participate in social media, you’ll be fine!  In fact, you’ll do even better!  Always stay away from get-rank-quick schemes like “3,000 backlinks for $10”.  Google is aware of these tactics and will punish you by banning your website from its search.  There’s no magic-bullet in SEO.  Focus on quality content that’s updated regularly.

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