I’ve noticed a lot of people in residential and commercial real estate use website services that automatically pull articles from a database (automatic content fillers).  The problem with these sites is #1 they’re ugly but, more importantly, #2 their sloooowwww.  Why is having a fast website important?  Nearly 25% of visitors will abandon a website that doesn’t load within 4 seconds.  That’s a quarter of your leads GONE.  So…how do you make a website fast?

Test how fast your site is.  A lot of website providers will tell you, “It works fine for me.” How do you know whether it’s true?  Testing!  Get a basic performance grade from Pingdom.  There’s a lot of information in this test, but what you’re mainly looking for is the load time.  Anything over 4 seconds and you may want to consider optimizing.

website designed with low load time

Simple fixes.  Consider optimizing your images, use GIF instead of JPGs and a lower resolution.  If you’re using Flash elements – get rid of them!  If you have a WordPress site, remove some unnecessary widgets and large background images.

Hosting.  Still having issues?  Your hosting company is usually to blame for very slow website loading.  Look at my test speeds (above).  My home page is over 6 megs and still loads in under 4 seconds.  That’s because I have a fancy, shmancy virtual server.  You likely don’t need a virtual server, but an enhanced hosting package may be incredibly beneficial.  Call your hosting company and ask to speak to someone about getting a package that will increase the speed.  They’ll usually have another tier of slightly higher pricing to acquire significantly better speeds.  *If you have a WordPress or Drupal site be sure to mention that to your sales rep.  Most hosting companies will have servers optimized for those particular sites.website speed infographic