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A theme is a simple concept. You want all your marketing materials to look the same. Keep things consistent with the same color scheme, logo, slogan, and basic layout. If you find yourself saying, “These two flyers look the same!” in a negative tone, you need to change your thinking. You are not impressing anyone with a series of non-cohesive mailers. Different color schemes and designs don’t make you look creative and forward thinking; instead, you look confused and erratic.

Color selection. I suggest choosing 1-3 colors that will be your main color scheme. Try to choose colors that make sense with your theme. My main colors are orange and brown – calico colors! If you have a name that indicates a certain color, keep with the theme. For example: Waterfront CRE. Keep with cool tones that represent water. Don’t be afraid to choose a color that the big boys aren’t using – like purple or orange. It will distinguish your business from the pack.

Logo selection. Ideally, a logo should have a story behind it. I created one for a commercial real estate firm that corresponded with the owner’s family crest. Having an interesting logo sparks conversation and gets clients to open up about the origins of their own business.

Slogan selection. The shorter and catchier the better. A slogan can prepare a client for what kind of firm you have. A fun slogan like “Commercial Real Estate Gurus” will indicate that you’re a little more fun than the firm that states “Commercial Real Estate Experts.” It’s all about perception! Have a little fun with it.

Layout selection. I, personally, design most flyers and other marketing materials with a lot of white space. I think white space is cleaner and more professional than materials inundated with watermarks and semi-transparent photos. The top, sides, and bottom are where the colors should be. Leave the main content alone, your listing needs room to shine!

My corporate enforced theme is too boring! A good designer can make any branding look amazing. Your marketing department isn’t trying to make your life miserable; they are trying to bring together all offices under one brand! That’s a valiant effort that needs to be supported. Just because you don’t like a color doesn’t mean you can ignore the overall branding theme. If you’re stuck in a world full of red, blue or green, hire a new designer to get you out-of-the-box. A new layout or style that corresponds to the corporate colors will give your materials a fresh look!

Day 6: Cohesive Marketing Materials