Commercial Real Estate Marketing
Sales Funnel Masterclasses

Build a 24/7 Lead Generating Machine.

Are you marketing with zero results?

You’ve been giving it your all: hustling for those deals, cold calling every minute, and contacting and reaching former clients for referrals. It’s exhausting work, and it’s not bringing in the number of deals you want. Deep down, you know something needs to change. But, I get why you’ve put it off:

  • You need money TODAY, not next year.

  • There’s no time to generate leads when you’re working on deals.

  • Sales funnels are too complicated to build.

(…can I get a hell yes?)

Getting stuck in endless hustle with ZERO results was NOT the goal.

Build a 24/7 lead generating sales funnel.

Commercial Real Estate
Sales Funnel Masterclasses

Each course builds a piece of the sales funnel.

When combined, you’ll have a full sales funnel.

Easy online courses

Follow along with videos and easy to edit templates in each course. Workbooks, checklists, etc. will make building funnels simple.

Video walk-thrus

Step-by-step videos make building your funnels simple and easy.  Most recordings are under 15-mins.

Fast Implementation

Most funnels can be implemented in 1-day. Put what you learned into action right away!

Which Sales Funnel Masterclass is right for you?

Choose the masterclass you need today.

Or, save money and get the bundle. Build a full funnel, top-to-bottom and achieve your marketing goals!

Attract New Clients

Photo two two business men shaking hands with the title "Free Course - 24-7 Lead Generating Machine"

How to Build a Lead Gen Machine

  • Free Masterclass!

  • How to get more clients

  • How to get more deals

  • 5 Sales channels to use

  • How to go beyond $100k

A smiling business man looks onto his laptop while sitting at his desk with the title, "Cold Lead Hero"

Automate your Cold Calls

  • 1-Day to Build

  • Get lead lists of property owners

  • Cold call automations

  • Cold call & email templates

  • Video marketing tutorial

  • Mass texting tutorial

A business man looking up from his mobile phone smiling with the title, "Lead Magnet Hero".

Use Lead Magnets to 10x your Conversions

  • 1-Day to Build

  • Lead magnets to 10x efforts

  • 4 eBooks

  • 3 Checklists, 3 Cheat Sheets

  • 3 Video & 3 Webinar Presentations

Build Relationships

A casual, white business man holding a tablet and smiling with the title, "Website Hero."

Build your own Website

  • 2-Days to Build

  • Website brings leads 24/7

  • Built to be a lead funnel

  • How to build a website + content

  • 4 eBooks + Email welcome sequence

  • Blog setup and design

A Latina business woman smiling with the title, "Newsletter Hero".

Write Newsletters with 100+ Prompts

  • 1-Day to Setup

  • Follow up on a large scale

  • Nurturing leads automatically

  • 100+ email prompts

  • Content marketing strategy

  • Social Media, how to batch posts

A business man talking on his computer to hundreds of webinar attendees with the title, "Webinar Hero".

Using Webinars to Sell 24/7

  • 1-Day to Setup

  • 10X your sales presentation

  • Scale to many viewers at once

  • Framework for webinar

  • Live webinars

  • 24/7 Pre-recorded webinars