A commercial real estate lead is an investor, landlord, or tenant that can generate business. Successful commercial real estate brokers know the importance of generating quality leads and their effect on scaling business. Agents are typically required to do a lot of leg work to attract clients, including cold calling, which can be effective, but these are not the only methods at their disposal.

Leads can come from different sources and platforms if you know how to approach and create messages to impress prospective clients. It’s time to get creative and learn how to get real estate leads without cold calling.


Networking allows you to increase your visibility and credibility. Building connections within the industry can help find the right clients. Exchanging contact information, discussing industry trends, and building relationships can prove long term benefits. Local SIOR Events.

Along with property investors, business owners, property developers, and tenants, your network should also include other agents. Additionally, you can increase your circle of influence by participating in events and conferences to create recognition and help establish you as a trustworthy and knowledgeable commercial real estate agent. 4 Tips for a Successful Commercial Real Estate Marketing Strategy.

Online Advertising

Establishing an online presence can allow you to attract the right audience. Every commercial broker should have a real estate website or blog to advise and advertise their property listing to potential clients. You can promote your online portfolio through social media, which allows you to create fast connections. 7 Ideas for your Commercial Real Estate Advertising.

Social media sites allow you to develop marketing strategies such as tools on Facebook to capture potential clients. Facebook Lead Ads allow you to target the right audience by specifying the location and other demographics while also considering their income. This is an effective method to collect cheap and targeted leads. The data is combined into a leads data directory that you can use to understand customer preferences better and create long-term clients. How Social Media Helps in Selling Commercial Real Estate.

Referrals & Reviews

Once you have built new connections which can lead to potential future lead generation, you should also utilize the network of your current clients who can vouch for your services. Testimonials and referrals establish your credibility since having good word of mouth can be beneficial in the commercial real estate business. This method of lead generation is essentially free and referrals from satisfied customers. 5 Worst Lead Generation Mistakes in Commercial Real Estate.