I know you’ve heard about AI, but you likely believe it has nothing to do with commercial real estate.  I’m not suggesting you buy a customer service robot and have it go on property visits…not yet anyway…  Until then, you can use AI technology to do all the things you hate the most!  Best yet, it’s not expensive!

Cold Calls.  Let’s all be honest with each other.  Cold calling sucks.  My claim to fame was 65 calls in one day…my voice hurts just thinking about it.  Annoyingly, most of my calls went straight to voice mail and I maybe received three responses.  Let’s rethink the way we do cold calling.  VoiceCasting is a ringless direct calling technology that sends your pre-recorded sales pitch directly to voicemail.  Your potential client has no idea you didn’t call personally.  This service works with cell phones, landlines and direct business lines, making it perfect for commercial real estate!  Best yet, at 3-cents a call, you can get hundreds of calls done with 10-minutes and $20.  That’s efficiency.

Cold Emails.  I think anyone who’s done a lot of cold calling was excited to even consider cold emails as an alternative.  Copy-paste a message, add a name, maybe a personalized sentence and off it goes!  However, cold emails are a numbers game.  Most experts agree that you’ll need at least 20 emails a day and several follow-ups to get a viable sale from cold emails.  Who can possibly keep track of that?!

With Lead Fuze, you can import your Reonomy lists or use their lead filtering system (their system would be best used for tenant rep, as they collect data of business owners and employees).  Setup an email drip system to automatically email 20 people on your list a day.  Set automated follow-ups – 2 days later they receive email #2, 3 days later they receive email #3, etc..  Once your email drip is finished and setup, set it and forget it!  Add additional lists or emails to keep the system running all year long!

Track your emails and see who has opened them, clicked on your links and more!  Add personalization to a certain user’s email, or use this data to follow up with a call or mailer.  With Lead Fuze, you don’t have to waste time and money on leads that show zero interest in your services.  Focus on the ones that matter most.

Website Funnel.  If your website isn’t actively bringing in leads, it’s time to fire it.  Good bye, useless employee!  Multiple calls-to-action work the best.  White papers written for your target market’s interest are key to separating yourself from the heard of commercial real estate agents in your area.  Offering real, honest advice to your potential client is the best way to get that lead’s contact information and earn trust.  Most people are sold after reading a white paper, making the sales process fast and easy.  We provide 3 pre-written white papers in our website package.

Autoresponders to Website Inquiries.  These are different from cold-emails because a lead has already shown interest in your services.  Now it’s a matter of keeping them engaged in your story.  Autoresponders are a lot less salesy than cold emails.  In fact, they should be at least two-thirds informational, and one-third sales info.  Keep these focused on articles you’ve written, news in your area, and market trends.  Leave the sales piece at the bottom explaining how you can help with a problem.  Don’t just list a few services and hope they read it.

All of these suggestions are set-it and forget it.  I know it seems like a daunting task writing all this content, but once it’s finished, sit back and watch leads come to you!