I get this question a lot, “How do I get more leads?”  In the olden days, I would hoof it down to the County Records Department and get a list of commercial buildings and land parcels that had recently sold and to whom.  These print-outs would be then placed onto an Excel spreadsheet and distributed to the agents for cold calling.  Now-a-days, things are much easier!

County Records Department.  You can still order a list of buildings and land parcels that have recently changed hands at your local County Records Department for about $1 per page.  Larger metro areas will likely have this information available online.  Feel free to call someone in the Records Department to walk you through the system.  Remember, this is public information.  Everyone is allowed access to this information.

Reonomy.  The County Records Department may have all this information available for free or very cheap, but Reonomy puts everything into an easy-to-use system.  View current owner of a particular building.  Easily export spreadsheets of contact information to use in Sales Force, ACT, or mailer printing systems like VistaPrint.

Events.  I’m not a huge fan of most networking events (I believe 90% of them are meat markets), I do think there are a few organizations that deserve a try-out.  Better Business Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce does great breakfast and luncheons for small and medium local businesses.  These are great places to meet potential clients and get referrals.  NAIOP usually has monthly events in the larger metro areas, including local educational seminars and fun networking events.  If you’re interested in a certain industry specialty, see if there is a restaurant owner’s group or similar for retail and “Movers and Shakers” club to attract investors.  Meetup has a lot of different groups including clubs for small business owners, real estate investors and other great functions.

Social Media.  Social media isn’t a place where every post immediately turns into a sale.  It’s a process.  The biggest advantage to keeping up with a social media strategy is building trust.  In today’s world, people don’t care if you’ve leased space for IKEA, Best Buy and Chili’s.  Potential clients ask themselves one simple question, “Do I trust this person with my money?”  Consistent social media posts that prove your guru knowledge of the industry and will build trust.  Posting industry articles, market trends, your own blog posts, videos, and even personal opinion will give prospects a glimpse of who you are as a person.  Every drop in the “trust bucket” brings you closer to closing a deal.  Social media is an excellent way to get there!

Email Funnel.  I’m assuming you have a website, because if you don’t…SERIOUSLY?!  An email funnel is how you turn your website into a lead generating machine.  Offer a PDF filled with honest advice to your potential clients like 5 Tips to Selling your Commercial Property.  When they click on the “Download Free PDF” button they’ll be taken to an online form that asks for their name, email and any other info you’d like to collect.  After they’ve submitted the form, they’ll be taken to the PDF immediately and their information will be added to your email distribution list.  Send these folks your newsletter, just sold or listed announcements, and much more!  Once your website is setup to generate leads, it’s just a matter of getting people to visit it!