Feeling a little tired of cold calls?  I’ve got some non-phone related commercial real estate lead generation tips that don’t involve a call.

1. Reonomy.  This is the best way to get lead information quickly!  Reonomy allows you to search for property owners with helpful filters like property type, square footage, zip code, and more.  They charge a monthly fee and limit the number of leads pulled by your chosen plan.

2. County Records Department.  Not feeling the monthly fee?  Your local County Records Department will have property owner information available for free or for a small “printing” fee.  When I worked at a brokerage, I used to stop by the records department once a month and pick up a list of properties that have changed hands (recently purchased) for $1/page.  Since the buildings were recently purchased, it was likely the new owners were considering property management and commercial real estate landlord services to fill vacant suites.

3. InfoUSA.  Is tenant rep your game?  Your best bet for getting store manager information is by using InfoUSA’s services.  Your list will have contact name, phone, email (sometimes), address, and more!  Personally, I think you can get a better deal when working with a rep rather than using their online purchasing system.

4. Voice Broadcast.  Ok, I know I said “without cold calling” but you won’t need a phone for this!  Services like Call Fire can take those lists you pulled from Reonomy, County Records and InfoUSA and do a “Voice Broadcast”.  This will send a pre-recorded message directly to your contact list.

5. Direct to Voicemail.  Not feeling the robo-dialer?  With “Direct to Voicemail” you can send a pre-recorded voicemail message to everyone on your list.  It looks like you made the call yourself!  Note, that for this to work on office lines, you’ll need “direct lines” for each contact.  You may need to research your list, but think of how much time you’ll save sending 1,000 voicemails with one click.

6. Offer a White Paper.  A white paper is long article you’ve written about a subject that your target market will be interested in.  For instance, I offer a pre-written white paper for my website clients, “12 Tips for Strategic Commercial Real Estate Transactions.”  The purpose of a white paper is an honest and purely educational piece with advertising your services on the last page.  The goal is to showcase your expertise with helpful information – this will inspire trust.

7. Blog Articles.  Original and interesting content will not only place your website on the top of search engines, it will also build trust and establish expertise.  Thought provoking articles are a great way to increase traffic and advertise your services.

8. E-Newsletter.  Email newsletters are great ways to increase traffic to your website and keep-in-touch with potential clients.  Even if someone isn’t ready to buy that fourth office building today, keeping top-of-mind with monthly newsletters will definitely give you an edge over the competition.  You can use your blogs as the newsletter’s content!

9. Automated Follow-up Emails.  It’s no secret that I love Mailchimp’s automated email system.  It’s amazing because you could be sitting on a beach in Fiji and Mailchimp will be hard at work sending automated messages to the guy who just filled out your newsletter request.  If you find it hard to follow-up with every single lead, Mailchimp can be set to do this for you!