I get this question a lot, “You tell me mailers can be effective, but I’ve done plenty of mailers without a single response.  What makes an effective mailing campaign?”  The theory on profitable mailers is simple, but the execution is what stalls most agents.  Talk directly to the reader.  What the heck does that mean?!  I’ll explain.

1) Segment segment segment.  Seriously, segment.  If you have a huge database of potential clients, split them up into manageable categories: (a) buyers/sellers, (b) landlords with vacancies, (c) tenant rep.  This simple task will prevent you from doing mailers like, “Do you want to sell, lease, buy, rent, sublet, refinance, and/or invest in property?” Shotgun approaches don’t work.  Separating your mailing list will save you quite a bit of wasted effort.

2) Individual message.  For each category you’ll need specialized content.  Buyers and sellers are interested in buying and selling.  Focus on those services.  When you weigh down your message with unnecessary information, it loses impact.  Also, don’t get too cutesy or fancy.  People want to know immediately what services you can provide them.  When you use ridiculous sentences like, “Fortified with industry-leading econometric forecasting, proprietary databases…”  I don’t care what fortifies you – what can you offer me?!  State very clearly what services are provided for that particular segment.

3) Call-to-action.  This is the #1 piece that’s missing from 99% of CRE mailers.  Writing “call me now” isn’t a call to action.  Instead, offer something in exchange for potential clients’ phone call or email.  Consider writing a white paper that would interest each segment.  “10 Ways to Find the Best Office Space for your Money!”  Offer the white paper as a PDF – easily sent through email.  This will give your potential clients the incentive to call you.  The hard part is getting them to make that first phone call; make it as enticing as possible to get your foot in the door.

4) Postcards or letters?  As long as the message is clear and the call-to-action is strong, it doesn’t matter if you’re using postcards or letters.  Choose whichever one is easiest for you.  Most agents are shocked to learn printing and mailing postcards are, on average, 20% less expensive than mailing letters.  Companies like VistaPrint offers printing and mailing at very reasonable prices.  However, if your broker offers unlimited use of the copy machine, envelopes and postage, sales letters will have the larger ROI (return on investment).

5) Making this process easier.  I know what you’re thinking, “That’s a lot of work, lady!”  I know!  But I did most of the work for you!  Gather addresses of potential clients easily with Reonomy with this fully guided step-by-step tutorial.