Marketing Plan in 30 Days: Day 4

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Now that you’ve identified and targeted your ideal market, let’s get a list of leads!  Getting a commercial real estate leads list doesn’t have to be time consuming or difficult.  With a few services that are available, you can download a list before the end of the day.



1. County Records Department.  Larger cities and counties will likely have an online parcel search tool that will pull up contact info on property owners.  You can either use this to retrieve property owner documentation, or you can contact your County Records Department directly and see if they provide a print-out or excel spreadsheet.

I used to retrieve a list of properties that have recently changed hands for the purpose of selling landlord rep services.  Back then it cost about $1/page.  I called ahead (about a day or two) to the records department, made the order, and picked up in person.

2. Reonomy.  Reonomy has the best platform on the market for retrieving property ownership data.  Some contact info also includes emails!  A rarity in the “do not call” era.  The contact information is extremely clean and can be exported easily into Excel for cold calls, mailers, and email lists.  Starting at $50 a month, it’s a great way to build that list.

3. D&B Hoovers.  D&B Hoovers is one of the best tools…if you can spare the cash.  If you are specializing in whales, this is probably the best research tool since you can filter with categories like financial stability, rankings in S&P and Forbes, and more.  Easily export your leads list into Excel for cold calls, mailers, and emails.  Starts at $90 a month.



4. InfoUsa.  If tenant rep is your specialty, you’ll need a company that gathers business owner information.  One of the best, low cost, ways to get business contact information is InfoUSA.  You can filter by business category (restaurant, insurance, automotive) and pull a list directly from the software, or work with a representative who will help you.  Personally, I found you can get the best deal when working with a sales rep.  InfoUSA can also provide Email Lists for those interested in cold emails campaigns.

5. CoStar.  With CoStar Tenant, you can find current and prospective tenants.  Check out lease expiration dates, space history, current terms, and more!  Although, CoStar ain’t cheap.  While it starts at $35 a month, the features rack up quickly.

6. LinkedIn Sales Navigator.  If you are industry specialized (I.E. automotive cre deals) then using LinkedIn is a great way to gain those specific leads.  Search by geography, industry, keywords, title, role, and more.  Starts at $65 a month.


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