Marketing Plan in 30 Days: Day 17

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You had a beautiful commercial real estate website made!  Hurray!  You excitedly login to Google Analytics and see your spike of new activity…wait…does that say 10 visitors a day?  That can’t be right!  Can it?

Especially if you have a new “.com”, it’s totally normal to be cast to page #2 and beyond in rankings in your first year.  Most online businesses are fly-by-nights that run with passion for 3-6 months and die before a year has passed.  Judging a domain by its age is an easy way for Google (and other search engines) to keep the “probably will fail” businesses at the bottom.

There are ways to drive traffic to your website without waiting idly for the year of “search engine purgatory” to be over.  And if your website is over a year old, you have a head start!

1. Local Searches.  Have you noticed when you search for a business, Google will show 3-5 closest businesses near you?  They pull this information from Google My Business.  Sign up for this so you don’t miss out on search traffic happening near your location.

Google Near Me Listings Screenshot

NOTE:  If you’re an individual agent, you’ll be forced to use your home address.  Doesn’t sound so bad, but people these days have NO BOUNDARIES.  You will have instances where folks show up on a Sunday, ring the doorbell and demand to be served.  If you’re not OK with this, don’t bother.  Virtual office addresses cannot be used.  Google’s My Business is only for businesses with physical addresses, and the moment they realize you’re using a mailing address, your listings will be disabled.  I, personally, do not have a Google Business listing because I can’t handle the unannounced weirdoes, to each his own!

2. E-Newsletters.  I believe e-newsletters are the number one way to stay-in-touch with potential clients and drive traffic to your website.  Relevant articles with compelling headlines will keep your readers clicking on links and discourage them from unsubscribing.  More on Email Newsletters that aren’t annoying.

3. Email marketing.  If you’re not quite to the level of creating your own newsletter (no email list) fear not – you have another option.  There are providers of email blasts that allow you to “rent” their subscribers.  For less than $100 you can potentially reach over 100k subscribers in one shot.  More on Purchasing Email Lists.

4. Get Social.  Creating and maintaining a social media presence is truly the wave of the future.  Create your accounts for free, link them up to a Hootsuite account, and post in all platforms at once.  Use Hootsuite to schedule postings ahead of time.  Personally, I spend about 1-hour on Monday setting my social media feed for the week and leave it alone, totally hands-free.  More on Social Media marketing.

5. LinkedIn.  OK, if “getting social” isn’t your thing, at least get on LinkedIn.  For commercial real estate, this is the social platform we are all using.  Whether it’s sharing articles, your own blogs, or interesting information, LinkedIn is a great way to connect with other CRE leaders.

6. Content Creation.  The number one way to increase your search engine optimization (SEO) is to create new, relevant content.  You don’t have to stick with blog only.  Consider a video, infographic, and data-driven piece (like a market report) that will call back to your website.  These are great ways to prove credibility and increase traffic.  More on successful blogging.

7. Guest blogging.  Forming a relationship with a fellow blogger and providing some guest blogs is a great way to prove authority, gain some new traffic, and create backlinks.

8. Google Search Advertising (paid ads).  This is not for the faint of heart.  It takes a lot of study and testing to become good at utilizing paid advertising properly.  If you feel like this is your path, consider hiring a local company that has a proven track record.

Website Creation. I have three easy website packages to choose from: Bargain Websites, Custom Websites, and Lead Generating Websites.  Find the best match for your budget and needs!


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