Marketing Plan in 30 Days: Day 12

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An agent and broker’s greatest challenge in today’s market is the planning and implementation of an effective LISTING marketing plan.  Opportunities and expectations have grown over the past decade with so many moving parts that it’s difficult to nail-down a simple, easy-to-follow marketing plan.  Here are a few steps that can be adjusted to market your listings.

1. Strong listing descriptions.  You don’t have to go full residential here I.E. “spacious, loft-style warehouse boasts six loading docks with vaulted ceilings…”  But proper spelling and grammar would be nice!  Simply writing your description in a Word doc before adding it into LoopNet (or whatever) would be a marked improvement over 90% of what’s out there.

Get Specific.  Many agents leave listings vaguely written, attempting to get phone calls.  This is a mistake!  Even if the property is a total teardown, being honest will attract the kinds of buyers you want – flippers and developers.  If you leave it as a vague “office building” with no description, you may find yourself grasping at non-qualified leads.

Storytelling.  While not an option for every building, some may have an interesting story.  “This historic, downtown Miami retail space was once home to popular nightclub, <NAME>.  Recent downtown revitalization projects have turned the area into a hive of tourist friendly venues.  This one-of-a-kind property is now available for any kind of retail or restaurant establishment and can be divided into multiple suites.”  People love a story.  Give them one!

Location.  Don’t assume everyone will run the property’s address through Google Maps. A small section with a sentence or two about its surroundings will help paint a picture.  “Situated in Southern Highlands, and only 10-minutes from the Las Vegas Strip.”

Very.  If I had a dime for each “very” I found in a description, I’d be VERY rich! Here’s an expansive resource to stay away from the dreaded “very”:

Chart of words to use instead of Very

2. Social media.  If you are not using social media to announce your listings, START!  Social media can be setup relatively easily, use stock photos in your profile, if needed.  Using a system like HootSuite to automatically post on all your platforms to save time and energy.  Setup future posts weeks ahead of time!

3. Serious photography.  Not everyone can afford sending a professional photographer to each commercial property, instead think carefully about getting yourself a REAL camera.  No, not the camera on your phone, a high-quality digital camera will bring out details that a phone cannot.  If you do have the money, consider hiring a photographer for your high-end listings.

Photography tips.  (1) Take photos at dawn or sunset to avoid the washed-out, overexposed look.  (2) Open windows and turn on all lights when taking interior photos to avoid dark, grainy appearance.  (3) Squeeze yourself into corners, crouch in closets, and try different angles to get the best photo.  (4) Crossing the street or drones may be the best way to get exterior photos of a large property.  (5) Wetting the sidewalk will provide a beautiful reflection to an otherwise boring building.

4. Virtual tours.  You can find local virtual tour companies everywhere!  A virtual tour may be a great idea for unique spaces like restaurants, retail space, or high-end offices.  Showcase the lobby, main areas, and individual offices.

5. Email blasts.  This is one of the most cost-effective ways to “shotgun” your listing to thousands of people at once.  Email database companies rent their lists.  Thousands of opt-in subscribers around the US and Canada will receive your email.

Big Boys Blast.  Price runs from $69 to $189 per email. They claim over 128,000 emails in their database.

Property Blast.  Price runs from $59 to $159 per email. The company claims 90,000 emails in their database.

Property Send.  Priced at $129 per email or get a discount with monthly subscription. The company claims 120,000 emails in their database.

For more information on purchasing an email list, check out 7 Ways to Purchase Commercial Real Estate Email Lists.

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