Marketing Plan in 30 Days: Day 14

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With thousands of marketing services out there, where does a commercial real estate agent get started with his or her marketing?  Here are a few helpful suggestions on how to market yourself in this day-and-age!

1. Who do you WANT to work with?  Sit down and decide what business you want to focus on – investors, landlords, tenants – and any additional specialty (location, property type, etc.).  This will save you the headache of trying to be everything to everyone.  Once you have a clear focus on who you’re targeting, the easier and cheaper it will be to reach them.  5 Reasons to Choose a CRE Specialty

2. Laser Focus your Market.  The more time you spend in identifying your target market, the less money you’ll waste on a shot-gun style campaign.  Ask yourself what keeps your target market up at night?  Are they worried about vacancies in their property?  How about finding a location with foot traffic or planning the steps for a 1031 Exchange?  These are the things you want to focus on when communicating to your target market.  Targeting your Market

3. Telling your story.  Start with a problem – again, what keeps your potential clients up at night?  Create tension with offering a solution that you can provide.  The goal is to convince your audience that their lives are better with you in it.   Telling your story without being boring.

4. Showcase success.  Testimonials and case studies create the “fear of missing out” feeling that may push your potential clients into becoming clients.  Be sure to list your best successes with a short story identifying the problem and the solution you provided.

5. Website.  The best way to showcase your story and success is with a website.  It can be added to, changed, and updated in real time.  Utilizing blogs, newsletters, and social media can all point back to website for easy tracking and handling of messaging.  Get an amazing website!

6. eBooks.  Showcase your expertise with an ebook.  Ebooks are about 6-10 pages of honest, non-salesy content that helps or informs your target market.  No time to write one?  I offer an eBook with purchase of a website.  Check out eBooks!

7. Blogs.  One of the best ways to get search engine rankings is by starting and writing a blog.  Helpful articles of information will keep your target market returning to your website again and again until they’re ready to hire.

8. Newsletters. Keep in touch with potential clients with a monthly newsletter.  Use your blog articles to fill in content or pull news articles that are relevant to your market.

9. Social Media.  With free services like HootSuite, posting on social media is easier than ever.  Setup posts for the entire week on Monday, and let it run itself!


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