Marketing Plan in 30 Days: Day 19

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SEO for commercial real estate websites can be a complex process.  Honestly, SEO for any website is a complex process!  There is one strategy that will increase website traffic far and beyond any other SEO tactic you implement, and that’s content creation.  Let’s go over some common questions about commercial real estate content creation and answer them.


Common Questions about Commercial Real Estate Content Creation & SEO

1. What about using Automated Newsfeeds Instead?  I’m sorry, friend, but an automated newsfeed isn’t “content creation”.  The purpose of a newsfeed is to entertain your visitors, not increase traffic.  If used incorrectly, automated newsfeeds can lower your ranking due to “duplicate” content that may be misread as “plagiarized”.  Tread lightly with newsfeeds.  Only use links to outside websites, never the kind that pulls and saves articles on your website.

2. What do I write about?  I bet you have an “FAQ” in your mind of questions clients ask you ALL THE TIME.  Start with that.  Also, consider some of the terms your potential clients will be searching for, “Office Condos in Raleigh” can be an article like “# Tips to finding an office condo in the Raleigh market” and “# Steps to take before buying an office condo in Raleigh”.  Write what your clients want to read!

3. How do I find out what people are searching for?  Most people use Google Keyword Planner.  You can type in a generic phrase like, “commercial real estate phoenix”.  This will provide a list of similar keywords and how often they are searched.  A good rule of thumb is to stick with “medium” competition.  Otherwise you’ll be up against juggernauts like LoopNet for keyword strings – it’s not likely for your website will beat theirs.

4. How do I write a title?  Writing blog titles is a delicate balance between “interesting” and “keyword enhancing”.  My formula is using a number, keyword, and short descriptor.  For instance, if I want to get ranked on “industrial warehouse space” I’ll make the title something like, “5 Things your Agent Won’t Tell You About Leasing Industrial Warehouse Space” or “7 Tips to Get the Best Deal on Leasing Industrial Warehouse Space.”  Keep your keywords in mind when you’re writing titles.

5. How do I make the time to write?  Honestly, I do most of my blog writing in waiting rooms.  Oil changes = 2 blogs.  Doctor’s office=1 blog.  Airport =3-4 blogs.  Or if I’ve got nothing going on, I’ll make a morning of it – go to breakfast, write a blog or two, BOOM, done.  If you make it a priority, you’ll find the time.

6. What if I hate writing?  I talk a lot about blogging, but VIDEO will be the reining king in the near future.  If you hate writing, but love dictation and speeches, you’ll be perfect for a video or podcasting strategy.  Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing

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