In the world of marketing, be on trend. The commercial real estate industry is such a competitive and demanding field that winning business is crucial. The best way to do this is through using the latest and hottest commercial real estate marketing strategies. If you want to improve brand recognition, generate leads, and increase conversions try these seven hottest marketing strategies.

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1. Memes
Memes are a great way to engage your customers and potential clients in a social and personable way on social media. While it may not get customers through the sales funnel, it will certainly improve brand recognition and loyalty. Rack up the shares with hilarious or sarcastic memes about a niche aspect of your business.

2. Games
For seasonal fun and frivolities, your business can capitalize on interactive and printable games for your email newsletters, consider fun bingo scorecards for upcoming events such as a sports championship or festivities or a moving business scorecard. Make sure to brand your game in accordance with your business and make your logo big and bold for guaranteed recognition.

3. Blog Regularly
In order to achieve the best marketing results, they key is to blog, blog, blog. It is essential for social media visibility that you post blogs regularly. For commercial real estate agents, use your blog posts to demonstrate your knowledge and post insight into industry news. Ideally this content will engage and interest your readers and they will share your blogs amongst their networks, gaining new clientele.

4. Host An Event
Great excuse to host is a grand opening! Invite clients, tenants, business owners and industry specialists. Use your event to build personal relationships and forge greater networks. Hosting an open house is an excellent way to get further exposure, even if it is just for offering a wine bar and food trucks.

5. Charity Involvement
Not only is charity involvement a good way to engage with a wider audience, but it is also immensely fulfilling for your staff. Choose a charity carefully; it needs to match your values and what your business is about. Participate in events, fund-raise in your daily dealings and even consider hosting a fundraising gala on their behalf. Charity golf events for commercial real estate tend to work well.

6. Make Your Listing Stand Out
Come up with a unique way to display your commercial real estate listings in every instance. This can include using drone photography, 360-degree virtual tours and a distinctive feature in every picture, such as a bird at the window. Try to be unique and distinctive so that your business becomes well known and gives people something to remember.