I think everyone has that pesky suite or building that just won’t lease.  No matter how many signs you put up or updates on LoopNet, that vacant building sits alone and untouched.  Let’s talk about some ways to lease that problem child!

1. Finding the right tenant. Zone Savvy has a great system for finding high-quality tenants. They use a system that scans other businesses around your property’s address and an algorithm assigns a percentage of what business would do best in that area.  I.E. Contractors 98%, Plumbers 80%, Roofers 75%, etc..  You can then download an excel spreadsheet of businesses that match this description.  The information includes Company Name, Address, and Phone.  This service is inexpensive at about $39 for one month of use.  Once you have this info, let’s talk about how to reach these people.

2. Cold calling in the 21st Century. Cold calling sucks… Instead of picking up the phone and calling each one of your contacts from Zone Savvy, let’s get an inexpensive service to do a ringless, voicemail broadcast.  Voice Logic offers Voicecasting.  Record your own sales pitch that will be delivered directly into voicemail without ringing.  Voicecasting will provide a list of successful phone numbers (yes, even landlines work), you can call the remaining numbers yourself.  A service like Voicecasting will get most of your cold calls finished with a click of a button.  Save your voice and your sanity!  It’s not expensive, only about $15 per broadcast.

3. Send mailers. Sending a combination of sales letters and postcards will get your potential tenant’s attention. Send a sales letter with a brochure of your available space.  You can design the back of the postcard to advertise your space.

VistaPrint has a printing and mailing service for postcards that will make this easy.  No more getting postcards made at your local printer and spending hours sticking on labels and stamps.  VistaPrint has an easy system where you can plugin your postcard design and Zone Savvy spreadsheet.  They will take care of all the printing and mailing for you.  Our Tenant Rep package is already optimized for VistaPrint, making the process very smooth!

4. Local advertising. If your property is really stuck, consider local advertising.  Services like Regus and Craig’s List may be a little out of the norm for your normal advertising, but when you’re at a stand-still, they can’t hurt!  Sending a press release to your local editors advertising the space is free.  Post flyers around your community – library, coffee shops, community centers and grocery stores.  Hand out brochures at the local chamber of commerce’s business meet-and-greets.  Advertise your listing on social media.