When it comes to success in commercial real estate marketing, harnessing the power of marketing tools can be a huge help. There are plenty of free tools available online that can truly boost your commercial real estate business.

LoopNet Trends
LoopNet Trends is a free widget that allows you to access fully customized market trend graphs. These graphs are based on your location and property type, and they can provide invaluable information at a glance. Using the code, you can paste the graphs onto your social media accounts, website or blog to demonstrate current pricing information. You can also compare it to historical data. These tools will be of great value to your clients, and would be a great post on your social media profiles.

Social Media Platforms
Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram might have once been useful only for keeping up with friends, but today they are tools in your marketing arsenal. Setting up a company page or profile is easy, but crafting meaningful content that engages and interests your clientele is much more difficult – and important. Remember to regularly add content that gives your followers value, and they will reward you with shares and new business.

The News Funnel
When it comes to determining your marketing strategy, it pays to know what is in the news. The News Funnel is a free news aggregator and content platform that has been designed specifically for the commercial real estate industry. You can completely customize your own news feed to see the news that is most relevant to your area and your location. You can also use this as a platform to upload and spread your press releases and blogs.