Emails are an important marketing tool to create awareness, consideration, and conversion. Internet users have a higher probability of having email addresses than social media profiles, making emails a popular option for targeting prospective clients.

Agents and brokers can use email marketing to create leads and opportunities in the market, but the emails should be relevant and align with the company’s broader online marketing strategy. You can create a successful commercial real estate email campaign by using our tips and optimizing content to reinforce the message of the company’s overall marketing while attracting the attention of potential buyers and sellers

Optimize Content

Content should be relevant to the potential clients that are receiving the emails. In addition to your existing email list, you should have an option on your website and social media sites to opt-in for newsletters and relevant property listings that match your search criteria. While emails might have different formats depending on the structure, you should incorporate some common elements to enhance the visual appeal of your content.  Content Creation for Commercial Real Estate Websites

  • Text: The text should be in bold colors and an impactful font. Avoid complicated words and unnecessary details, keeping the message catchy and to the point.
  • Images: Images can enhance your email, but there should always be text accompanying pictures in case the email application blocks images. Don’t include high-resolution images, which take longer to load and frustrates the receiver.
  • Video: If you want to include a video, ensure it is professionally made and upload it to a video streaming platform such as YouTube so the video loads faster and doesn’t crash.

Finally, make sure your emails follow local rules and regulations while you’re running your email campaign. Incorporate double opt-in options so you can get user permission before sending them promotional content. There should also be an unsubscribe option that gives users to option to stop receiving emails.

Incentivize Sign Up

Offering incentives is the best way to encourage users to provide email addresses for mailing lists. The incentive can be as basic as a newsletter or updated listings. Giveaways, discounts, and competitions are also effective in growing your email address list.

At the same time, you need to include a solid call to action that establishes the purpose of asking for the email address. Emails also need to feature a call to action that encourages users to go to another platform such as a website to learn more or make property purchases. 7 Steps to Writing a Commercial Real Estate eBook.

Days and Frequency

You need to send emails according to a schedule that has been planned which specifies the days and frequency of different types of emails. For example, a weekly newsletter might be sent weekly on Tuesdays since they try to avoid Monday jitters while Fridays are the least productive workdays, leaving your email unread. Figure out when and how often you should send emails to engage potential buyers and sellers through trial and error to gauge when you receive the highest response and stick to it.  Email Strategies for Commercial Real Estate that Aren’t Annoying.