Marketing your commercial property in commercial real estate is getting harder every single year. There is so much competition in the industry it is difficult to stand out from the rest. The market is ever evolving and you must shift with the times if you want to market your commercial property successfully.

Commercial real estate brokers must continually push the envelope and develop new ideas to market commercial real estate. In this digital age, you need all the help you can get to stay ahead of your competition. We are sharing some of the best marketing ideas that will give you that advantage and help you market your commercial property.

1.    Create a Company Newsletter

For commercial real estate agencies, the most effective way to communicate with the target audience is email, and it has a response rate higher than any other marketing format. You can give your agency a great way to get in touch with customers and prospects by creating a company newsletter. It will help you maintain contact with your audience and allow you to build relationships, showcase what your company can do for them, and provide free information valuable to them. A company newsletter is your best option for creating noise about your commercial real estate firm. Easy Steps for Starting and Maintaining a Commercial Real Estate E-Newsletter.

2.    Write Guest Articles for Major Websites

One way to create exposure for your agency and your commercial property is to write guest articles for trade journals, blogs, and major websites. That will allow you to share your knowledge and ensure that you reach out to a broader range of audiences. You will get more exposure, and your target audience will see you as an authority figure in commercial real estate. You can also share links to your articles on your website, which will help improve your online ranking and get your website in front of more eyes.  4 Most Effective Commercial Real Estate Marketing Strategies.

3.    Share 3D Video Property Walkthroughs

Nowadays, you can generate buzz about your commercial property by creating and sharing a 3D video property walkthrough. It will give your customers and prospects a realistic depiction of the property, so they can view it in first-person. That not only allows you to highlight the key features of your commercial property but provides greater convenience to your clients as they can tour the property while sitting comfortably at home. 4 Critical Trends Essential to the Future of Commercial Real Estate.

4.    Use Drone Photography to Impress Clients

Commercial real estate marketers have started relying on drone photography to capture their commercial property’s finer details. It gives the clients and prospects a unique perspective of the property and can be used to impress them with dramatic and dynamic shots of the property from various angles. It creates a distinct charm and allure, as they can view the property in a new light and decide if they want to invest in it.  How to Best Use Video in Commercial Real Estate Marketing.