You’ve established a commercial real estate website, and now you don’t have to cold call clients anymore since they are coming to you. You don’t have to chase anyone to have a meeting with you, and you don’t have to call clients to reach them constantly. When clients are coming to your website, they have already qualified as potential prospects that you can convert into sales. Hence, you need to have an effective lead generation process to take advantage of these prospects.

If you are struggling to convert your prospects into clients, it could be that you are making some lead generation mistakes. We will highlight five of the worst lead generation mistakes in commercial real estate to ensure you don’t make them.

1.    Forgetting to Follow Up On Leads

One of the top lead generation mistakes in commercial real estate is not following up on leads. You can’t risk losing your leads to your competitors simply because you didn’t follow up on them. That’s bad business on your behalf, mainly because the real estate market is very competitive. If your prospects don’t hear back from you, they will take their business somewhere else. So, make sure you follow up on all your leads to convert them into clients.  Are You Letting Clients Get Away? 5 New Ideas for Follow-Up.

2.    Not Having a Real Estate Lead Pipeline

Even if you follow up on your leads, you won’t succeed in converting them into clients if you don’t have a real estate lead pipeline. That will be the path that your prospects take from the initial inquiry to signing the contract to lease or purchase. When you have a pipeline for your leads, you have a better idea of where each lead stands, what your next step should be, and how you should prioritize them.  Lead Generation Techniques Every Commercial Real Estate Website Should Have.

3.    Not Incorporating Video Marketing

One of the worst mistakes you can make in lead generation for commercial real estate is not using video marketing. People love watching videos, and buyers today spend more time looking at videos than looking at photos and reading text. Your goal should be to ensure that visitors spend as much time on your website as possible. When you incorporate a panoramic drone video footage of your listing or a virtual tour of your office space, it increases the chances of buyers getting in touch with you for more information. How to Best Use Video in Commercial Real Estate Marketing.

4.    Not Nurturing Your Leads

There will always be a percentage of leads that don’t convert and are of no use to you. That’s because most times, people provide inaccurate or outdated information. That’s part of the lead generation game. However, a commercial real estate agent’s major lead generation mistake is that they think a lead is dead because the prospect didn’t respond to them immediately. It would be best if you nurtured your leads to ensure that they end up becoming long-term clients. 5 Hacks for Commercial Real Estate Websites that Drive Leads.

5.    Not Using Multiple Lead Generation Strategies

It would be best to use multiple lead generation strategies to improve your odds of converting your visitors. Most commercial real estate businesses only use one lead generation strategy, which means they are using their competitor’s approach. That dilutes their marketing efforts and means they get a smaller share of the pie. The most successful lead generation campaigns for commercial real estate agents are those where multiple strategies have been deployed. 4 Signs your Website Does Not Generate Leads and How to Fix Them.