Commercial real estate marketing is not easy and requires a certain amount of budget to show desirable results. That makes it tougher if you’re on a shoestring budget, but it’s possible.

For those who are working with a thin margin, here are 6 of the best tips for commercial real estate marketing on a shoestring budget. These marketing ideas won’t cost you a lot and will provide you with the results you desire.

1.    Press Releases

Don’t depend on your broker for press releases as they generally pick the top 3 deals for the month to distribute. Instead, research a list of local newsletters and CRE magazines. A phone call or website search will provide the emails or contact forms for submission.  Email your press releases to them on a monthly or weekly basis. $0.

2.    Google My Business Account

List your business on the Google Business Directory to ensure that your brokerage shows up whenever locals search for ‘commercial real estate agents’ in that area. If you’re a solo agent, consider adding yourself as a “business”.  Note, that Google Business Accounts require a solo agent post his or her home address.  Which can be annoying since there are people with no sense of boundaries.  If you decide to roll the dice on this, expect a few uninvited doorbell ringers demanding to know your services.  $0.

3.    Blog/Content Creation

Writing isn’t going to cost you any money, bit it will take time. Creating great original content is going to hold the key, and you don’t need to hire a professional writer for that. If you’ve got decent knowledge about commercial real estate, put that in writing and share tips and tricks that will help others in the industry.  $0.

4.    Newsletter

You can get enough content from blogging to start your own newsletter, which is a great way to keep in touch with clients on a monthly basis. Fill it with information that your clients would want to read, like investment trends, retail information, or tips for finding a rental space. You can also fill it with useful articles from the internet to add even more value to your readers. $0.

5.    Your Website

Nowadays, a website is required to stand any chance of marketing on a budget in commercial real estate. Even if you’re an agent working under a brokerage, you should have your own website, so that even if you change brokers, you will have a solid base to work from. See our Bargain Website Package.

6.    Comment on Forums

Adding well-written comments to forums and authoritative blog posts is a great way to get your name out there. If your comments aren’t spammy, they will be approved for published articles, and you never know how much traffic that blog will get. Don’t hesitate to post intelligent and relevant comments.  $0.