You’ve probably heard about calls-to-action (CTAs) from marketers and website owners, and they are regarded as essential when it comes to converting website visitors into leads and customers.

Having website traffic is great, but conversions are the bread and butter of websites, and it’s important that you have crafted calls-to-action phrases carefully to convert clicks into clients.

What Is a Call-to-Action?

The definition of a call-to-action is as follows:

“Strategically planned marketing/sales promotional message that urges visitors to take an immediate action defined by you.”

Without a clearly defined call-to-action, a website is going to have a hard time converting visitors into leads or sales. You can have calls-to-action for signing up for your email list, investing in a service, buying a product, or following you on social media.

In most cases, calls-to-action come in the form of a button, which is the preferred method, as it allows the marketer to grab attention and incorporate the anchor text in the button.

Best Calls-to-Action Phrases to Convert Clicks into Clients

Now that we have determined what a call-to-action is, let’s highlight the best calls-to-action phrases you can incorporate in your commercial real estate website to convert clicks into clients. Starting with:

1.      Click Here for all the Details

The best calls-to-actions are plain and simple, telling your reader exactly what they will get or gain by clicking on the CTA, and this is one way to increase conversions. There are no hidden surprises, and what you see is what you get. This call-to-action phrase can be customized to suit your preference.

2.      Download Now

This is another simple but effective call-to-action phrase that tells visitors exactly what happens when they click on the CTA button. You can use this CTA when you’re offering a free or paid download and also put it on your landing page for a specific product or purpose.

3.      Reply Today and Get (Value)

This is a great example of a cause-and-effect call-to-action phrase as it encourages users to perform an action and gain something valuable in return. It’s like a transaction, but there’s no risk with the purchase as you’re asking your audience to reply to your message and gain something valuable. Usually, this is an e-Book, a calculator, a template, or a free sample.

4.      Join Now for a Free Market Report

Everyone loves the word ‘free,’ but most people don’t trust it. However, when used in a call-to-action, it can be a very compelling way of converting clicks into clients. Being willing to let customers test your product without receiving any payment shows your brand’s confidence and builds its credibility. Language plays a big part in nailing call-to-action phrases, and the word ‘start’ suggests embarking on an adventure or discovering something new, which is sure to get customers clicking and converting.