Lead generation is the main source of competitive advantage for commercial real estate companies. Successful companies and agents understand that it’s a numbers game.  The more prosepects you have, the higher your chances of making a sale, so companies focus on different techniques for attracting clients. A cold email is an email sent without prior contact or permission from the recipient. Since cold emails are unexpected, clients need to be presented with an intriguing proposition to create interest. Let’s look at some of the ways you can use cold emails for lead generation.

1.      Creating Email Lists

Before even thinking about sending an email, you need to decide who you will be contacting. Use your previous contacts and clients from lead-generating sites to build your email list. When you’re building your list, make sure you learn some additional details about your prospective clients so you can adjust your emails accordingly to make them more appealing.  7 Ways to Purchase Commercial Real Estate Email Lists.

2.      Learn How to Write A Great Email

Once you have your contacts sorted out, you need to learn how to write a great email that keeps your recipient’s interest. You can start by creating a template to get an idea about what you want to say but understand that one standard template will not suit all clients. You might need to update the templates if you are sending clients more than one email.  Hot Tips to Writing Cold Emails for Commercial Real Estate.

3.      Have Interesting Cold Email Subject Lines

The subject line is the first thing a customer reads, which makes it extremely important. You can create interest in your clients if you spend some time developing an appropriate subject line. The subject title should be concise, create curiosity and not make false promises. Additionally, it should also consider the goal of the email and the needs of the person you are contacting.  I’ve personally found the more direct you are with the message the higher the open rate.  “Check out 5 Ways to blah blah..” has a much lower rate than “5 Cold Call Technquies”.  The less cute you get the with the subject line the better.

4.      Focus on One Goal and Write Shorter Messages

The email body should be focused on one specific goal as you do not want to confuse your potential client by offering them too much information. Try to be direct and write shorter sentences, making it easier to capture and retain the customer’s attention. To keep your message concise, start by clearly explaining the purpose of the email and discussing why the recipient should be interested in your email and company.   7 Tips to Writing a Commercial Real Estate Cold Email.

5.      Customize and Include A Call-To-Action

We mentioned previously that you should research your contacts to understand their needs and how you can help them solve their problems. This requires customizing the email to include facts, details, and listings that you think the contact might find interesting and relevant.

Before you sign off on the email, make sure you include a call to action, this can be in the form of a link to redirect interested clients to your website where they can learn more about your business. You can also include your contact details so clients can reach out if they have any questions.