Are you still sending out postcards that say, “I’m a buy, sell, lease expert!”?  That may have worked in early 2000 when marketing was rare, but in 2019 your competition is fierce.  It’s time to upgrade your marketing strategies with the new tools available.  Don’t worry!  The best thing about the new technology age is IT’S CHEAP!! Remember spending $600 for each postcard drop?  Good news, those days are over.

Buying a Leads List.  No list?  No problem!  Reonomy has a service that will pull commercial building owner information in a few clicks.  Is tenant rep your game?  Consider pulling a list from Info USA. Note, InfoUSA has better deals when you work with a sales rep than if you purchase online.  Starts at $50.

Free Leads List.  There are ways of creating a leads list for free, including contacting your local County Records Department.  Contact information for a property is public information.  Although, not easy to pull a spreadsheet, if you have an area in mind, use your County’s parcel locator tool – click on parcels and find contact info of each property owner.  This can be a tedious job, but it’s a free way of building your list!  $0.

Cold Calling…Automated.  Does your broker scream at you to cold call but the idea makes you shudder?  Good news!  You can automate this annoying chore with Direct to Voicemail.  At three cents per successfully dropped message, you’ll be dropping 1,000 voicemails for $30.  Note that for B2B customers, you’ll need “direct line” phone numbers for this to work.  Otherwise, your voicemail will drop in the secretary’s log.  Pre-record a message, load your phone list, hit “send”, and you’re done!  I want to reiterate that it costs…THREE CENTS!!!  $0.03 per successful call.

Cold Emailing…Automated.  Getting a little tired of chasing down lead emails and spamming them with no results?  Unfortunately, cold emails are a numbers game.  On average, a cold email campaign will generate a 0.5% conversion rate.  That means, prepare to send out 200 emails to get 1 response.  That’s a lot of emails to keep track of!  Automate your cold email game with  Import your list and create personalized emails.  Woodpecker will generate fields from your Excel spreadsheet, IE “Hi <FIRST NAME>!  I was thinking about <COMPANY> when I came across…”  It will track your opens, replies, clicks and show statistics.  It’s an easy 15-minute setup.  Starts at $40.

Email is the New Postcard.  I know a lot of you have successful postcard campaigns, but many of us can’t afford $600 every quarter for an average 2% conversion rate.  Opt-in newsletters can bring in an average of 20% to 30% open rates.  Announcements on new properties listed, recently closed, or new tenant leases can also bring in some great response rates.  I use Mailchimp for my opt-in emailing.  The templates are easy to create, responsive for mobile, and look amazing.  Starts at $0.

Email Blasts done BIG.  Need to get your property or message out to a TON of people?  Services like Big Boys Blast claim they reach over 126,000 emails in one shot.  Personally, I get an average of 110 clicks per email blast.  Note, they do not share your email’s open rates.  You can choose the full 126k list or separate to brokers or investors only.  Also, there are similar available email servicesStarts at $69.

Social Media.  OK, I know you just shuddered.  But it’s time to get serious about putting yourself out there online.  I use HootSuite to send posts to all my social media accounts in just one click.  There’s also a mobile app so you can easily share articles or information immediately once discovered.  6 Reasons why Social Media is Important for CREStarts at $0.