The internet has become the preferred way for people to search for commercial real estate space. Brokers and agents need to ensure their listings can attract attention online to convert these leads. A video tour of your commercial property is one of the easiest ways to grab the attention of potential buyers and renters. It makes your property stand out among the competition and gives your customers the motivation to visit the site in person.

Commercial real estate marketing has evolved in the past decade, and digital marketing and technology have played a major role in that. Nowadays, video tours of commercial properties present potential tenants and clients with a clear vision of the space they want to buy or rent. Therefore, you need to ensure that your video effectively and accurately portrays the features of the property.

Video Tours in Commercial Real Estate Marketing

According to online marketing statistics, commercial real estate listings with videos are 400% more likely to get inquiries than those without video. Real estate is visual, as people want to see the property before committing to leasing or buying it. Videos offer an excellent way to gain the attention of prospective clients for your commercial real estate property and convert them into customers.

Videos also present out-of-town clients to view the property and its features. They are more inclined to be interested in your property when they can see the space with their own eyes.

Tips for Editing and Shooting Real Estate Videos

Not everyone is great at creating video tours of their commercial property, which is why we have shared some of the best tips for editing and shooting real estate videos.

No Experience or Expensive Equipment Required

You don’t need expensive video equipment or prior experience to shoot a commercial real estate video tour of your property. You can shoot a video using your smartphone or a tablet.

Use Video Apps for Editing and Special Effects

There are also plenty of video apps that help in adding unique features like music and text and editing the video. When shooting a video tour of your property, you need to be conscious of lighting.

Be Mindful of Lighting in Your Video

Never shoot in front of videos or directly into the light and ensure the camera is focused. If you have the budget, you should hire a professional videographer to create a video tour and show off your commercial property.

Shoot Short and Concise Video Tours

Also, ensure that your video tour isn’t too long as people don’t have the patience to watch ten-minute videos. The ideal length of your video tour should be around two minutes, which is enough time for you to show all the relevant details of the space. That will keep viewers engaged and allow you to attract relevant customers and turn them into prospects and clients.