If you’re looking for the

“absolute minimum” in

Internet marketing, it’s a website.


I’m not just saying that

because I build them,

your Internet presence in

this day-and-age is critical.


I hate to tell you, but your

brokerage’s website doesn’t count.


If you decided to

leave your broker tomorrow,

they will delete your profile and

route your calls and emails

to another agent.


Without your own website,

it will be difficult for your

clients to find you.


Get started by purchasing a domain.


The best practice is purchasing

your name, I.E. RonaldJohnson.com.


If your name is taken,

consider RonJohnsonCRE.com

or RonDetriot.com,

something simple and

easy to remember.


Don’t get too crazy or vague.

No one will ever remember



Keep it simple.


Ready to start on your website

or update your current one?


Check out the

Custom Website package!


A GREAT commercial real estate

website will turn traffic into leads

with multiple points of entry like

eBooks, contact forms, and more.


Just another way

I’m taking the “broke” out of brokerage.


So, check it out!

Custom Website package


Your friend,

~ Brandy