“I wish someone would make a checklist of everything I need to build a sales pipeline.”

Good news!

I did!

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#1 Target Market

You can 100% offer services to every kind of client (investor, landlord, and tenant rep) but I suggest you create a pipeline for each specialty individually.

Yes, it’s more work, but it’s the only way the stages of your pipeline will reliably convert to sales.  Start building the pipeline for your most profitable client type first.  Once you have one complete, you can copy/paste and reword for the next property or client specialty.


#2 Sales Vehicles / Freebies / Lead Magnets

The name has evolved over time, but the concept is the same.  Offer something for free that your target market would love to have is key for lead generation.  Free consultation, eBook, checklist, cheat sheet, webinar, podcast, video series, market report, newsletter, etc.  (Lead Magnet Hero includes easy templates.)


#3 Outreach methods / Sales channels

Here’s where we get choked-up, so I’m going to break it down into categories.

Current / past clients.  They need follow-up to stay top-of-mind like newsletters and webinars.

Cold outbound.  Your cold audience needs to be warmed with calls, texts, emails, ads, mailers, etc.

Content.  Producing content like blogs, videos, social media, webinars, etc. will bring leads inbound to you.

Referrals. Host client events, attend community events, business networking, industry events, will keep your referrals coming in.


#4 Sales Funnel Automation

Your website should earn money, not drain you of it.  Offer your sales vehicles / freebies on your website.  Allow visitors to fill out the contact form to receive it automatically.  The form can connect to your email marketing system and automatically drip a “welcome sequence” and newsletters to warm up you cold lead hands-free.

The website management system should be able to connect to a CRM or other software.  This allows you or the sales team to see what leads are interested in, for effective follow-up.  The more insight your website can provide the better your continued revenue growth potential.

Check out our lead generating websites that include everything listed here.


#5 Drive Traffic to your Website

Once you have a lead generating website, the hard part is done.  There are SO MANY ways to drive traffic and increase visibility to your website get more leads.  You can choose one or two to optimize and build more overtime.

You can start with Google My Business, Yelp and Bing Places to get local traffic.  Social media like LinkedIn, YouTube, and podcasts to attract new people.  Join social media groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, and local communities.  These are just some ways to drive traffic, there are hundreds of more ideas out there to get more traffic and more leads.


Make building your pipeline easy by getting a lead generating website.  Your sales funnel can be scaled easily when you have an automated system supporting your sales pipeline.


Anyone can create a beautiful website, slap buttons on it and call it “lead gen.”


I’m the only one offering the Sales Funnel Masterclass to give you strategies on how to drive traffic to your website, create lead magnets that work, and nurture your leads so you can bring in more sales.


A website without the ability to enhance your pipeline is just jewelry.  Pretty to look at, but not useful.


Without a sales funnel, you won’t get long lasting results, period.

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