Every commercial real estate agent has struggled with selling or leasing a problem property at some point.  Sometimes there may be something wrong with the listing like an incorrect pricing point, or serious fixer upper, or terrible location. While other properties seem to be perfect, but no one is interested.  Either way, here are 5 ways you can say goodbye to that problem listing.


1.    Harness the Power of Social Media

You can share a short preview of your new listing with a message like “coming soon to the market” on your social media channels. You can apply this strategy to any difficult property. Make sure that you always tag the location, the neighborhood, and a combination of pertinent keywords, while using hashtags to your advantage.

2.    Let Your Fellow Agents Know

You should let other agents that are working in the same market as you know about the property. You can post a sneak peek of the property listing with the price and address so that your fellow commercial real estate agents can take a good look at them. They may already be working with some buyers that want to move into the neighborhood.

Consider services like Big Boys Blast, Property Send, and Property Blast to announce your listing to thousands of brokers and agents at once.

3.    Signage

Consider spending some extra money on your signage with contact information prominently displayed. That will ensure anyone driving through the neighborhood will be alerted of the property appearing on the market soon, and they will have the chance to contact you about it for more information. You can also be creative with your signs to make them stand out and grab the attention of drivers passing by.

4.    Online Databases

Large databases like LoopNet can help expose your property to thousands of commercial real estate agents and buyers. You may want to consider integrating social media into your online advertising plan as well. The more people you can reach via the internet, the easier it will be to attract investors.

5.    Hire a Professional Photographer

You should hire a professional photographer to take photos of your property listing. However, you need to ensure that you don’t just hire someone with a DSLR camera, as you need to work with a photographer that understands interior design, layout, light, and composition.