Selling a commercial real estate property in any market can be a challenging task. As a broker, you expected to deliver on your promise of selling the property in the least amount of time and for the highest price possible.

We will discuss the elements of a highly effective commercial real estate property marketing plan in this post. Here is what you need to know:

1.    Distinctive Marketing Package

Your main priority after winning a new listing should be to create a distinctive marketing package. You can’t afford to wait around to build a high-quality marketing package, as that will mean that you delay marketing the property. However, you shouldn’t look to rush this process either, as you want to stand out from the crowd. The best way to create a marketing package is to tailor it to each property to engage qualified buyers.  Check out do-it-yourself brochure and OM templates.

2.    Online Listing Websites

There are many popular online listing websites, and you should work with the most popular ones in the industry to attract attention to the property. Ensure you share photos and information about the property so that interested buyers quickly decide if they want to inquire further. LoopNet, Catylist, BuildOut, CREXi are good options for your listings.

3.    Email Marketing

Consider using the power of email marketing to reach out to as many potential buyers as possible. Create your internal database and share valuable information about the property, which will improve your chances of closing the deal. Many commercial real estate properties are sold using this method as it is highly effective and allows you to generate interest in your property quickly.

Your personal newsletter is always a great way to keep in touch with potential and current clients.  Using your blog articles as content will keep them engaged and encourage traffic to your website.  See more on Building your Newsletter.

Do not have your own email list?  No problem!  Use a service like Big Boys Blast, Property Blast, or Property Send to blast your properties to thousands of agents and investors in one shot.  Most of these services start below $100, keeping this option low-cost and efficient.

4.    Cold Calling

Another important element of commercial real estate marketing is cold calling, which allows you to reach out to your potential buyers easily. This approach requires more effort than email marketing, but it is just as effective because it is highly targeted. You also get the added benefit of connecting and marketing yourself to potential buyers in a more personal way. More on Cold Calling.

5.  Cold Emailing

Cold calling remains a valuable sales strategy, especially in the world of commercial real estate marketing. Cold calling commercial real estate clients is a numbers game, as it all comes down to how many people you call and your consistency.  More on Cold Emails.