The commercial real estate industry is complex and highly competitive, and that puts tremendous pressure on commercial brokers to get spaced leased and buildings sold. Using video in commercial real estate marketing can give your promotional efforts that extra edge you need to succeed. The majority of commercial real estate prospects use the internet to research property listings.

Therefore, it makes good business sense to include video as a part of your online commercial real estate marketing plan. Video in commercial real estate marketing can impress your prospective clients and help set the hook for an in-person meeting.

1.    Drone Videos

Probably the most common property video is the drone video. Due to the increase in drone use, the cost to produce drone videos has dropped dramatically in the past few years, leading many property owners to utilize drones to create videos for their commercial properties.

Drone videos are especially useful for marketing land and commercial buildings since it can capture perspective and scale in a manner that handheld cameras can’t. It can be a useful storytelling tool when trying to paint a picture of a location, access, views, or nearby features and amenities.

2.    Property Tours

Another common type of video used to market commercial properties is the property tour video. These videos often combine drone footage with other B-roll of the property and sometimes still photography or renderings to show off various views and features of the property.

Property tour videos are excellent for showcasing existing buildings. They are a great way to highlight building exteriors, on-site, and nearby amenities and show off existing tenant spaces and common areas. Property tour videos are generally a good sales tool for any project but can be especially useful for properties that have recently been renovated or that people in the market haven’t had the chance to tour yet.

3.    Tenant Testimonial Videos

Tenant testimonials are less frequently used in commercial real estate but can be extremely powerful when done well. Producing testimonials with existing tenants is the ultimate form of social proof. Having an outside source speaks about why your property is a great place to create trust with prospects.

Plus, tenants can often speak to things you can’t, such as the quality of service from property management or ease of working with the owners. Sometimes, tenants point out beneficial features of the property in these interviews, some of which you might not have even thought of or realized otherwise.

4.    Digitally Rendered Video

A growing trend in commercial real estate marketing is producing digitally rendered videos to help prospects visualize new developments or major redevelopment projects. Popularized by residential developers, these videos are now working their way into mainstream campaigns for office and industrial developers.

There are two main types of digitally rendered videos that you will see in the marketplace today: those promoting properties or buildings and those showing off specific spaces.


Video is becoming a must-have tool for leasing teams, and there are numerous ways you can leverage video to help market and tell the story of your commercial property. The video content types mentioned above can be integrated into your property marketing campaign and give it a major boost.