Commercial real estate agents want to generate more business, and for that, they will need to rely on cold calling their clients. It’s a difficult skill to master, and most commercial real estate agents will spend the majority of their time behind the phone. Hence, they must pick up the essential tricks to master cold calling their clients.

However, new agents can make mistakes, which may limit the effectiveness of their cold calls. We will share 5 of the most common cold calling mistakes made by agents that you must avoid to engage new prospects and generate more deals.

1.    Not Researching Their Clients

It’s always a good idea to do a bit of homework on your client before reaching out to them. Some research will help you understand who you are reaching out to and how you can help them. Try and get as much information as you can about your clients to give yourself an advantage over others. When you can relate to your client, you will manage to serve them better and improve your chances of sales.  Cold Calling Tips for Commercial Real Estate Agents.

2.    Not Using Tools for Streamlining the Process

Cold calling can be a very tedious process for agents. You will spend hours making calls, and most of your calls will end in rejection. However, most commercial real estate agents make this process harder than it has to be for themselves. They don’t use tools to streamline the process for them and reach out to new clients easier. Sales teams can save a lot of time by cutting out tedious tasks related to cold calling. That way, they will waste less time and make the cold calling experience a better one for themselves. Best and Newest Commercial Real Estate Cold Calling Techniques.

3.    Talking About Yourself Instead of the Client

Most agents fall into the trap of talking about themselves, their credentials, their services, and their firm when cold calling. That is boring for clients on the other end of the phone. They didn’t pick up the call to hear about how great you are; they want to know what you can do for them. So, when cold calling, agents should focus on their prospects and their needs. You increase your chances of a sale when you can touch on your client’s pain points and how you have the solution to their problems. 6 Successful Cold Calling Tips for Commercial Real Estate Agents.

4.    Overlooking the Power of Voicemail

Most people won’t pick up the call when you call them, which means your calls go straight to voice mail. However, this occurrence shouldn’t be is the end of your cold calling efforts. As an agent, you should always leave them a message on their voicemail to demonstrate value and pique their interest. You won’t manage to convince them over voicemail, but you can improve your chances of making a sale the next time you call them. Keep your voicemail messages short and to the point so that the client is interested in learning more. Cold Calling Tips for Commercial Real Estate Professionals.

5.    Not Following Up with Clients

A major mistake to avoid when cold calling as a commercial real estate agent is ignoring follow-ups’ importance. Most people won’t be ready to work with you on the first call, but you can build a relationship with them over time to lead to sales. What’s more, a meaningful follow-up will help you stand out from your competitors and shows the client you care about them. Commercial Real Estate Newsletters – Follow Up that Converts.