Every commercial real estate agent needs a prospecting model to generate new clients using a cold outreach campaign. Email prospecting allows an agent to find and target qualifying prospects with research.

Effective prospecting emails are created to connect agents with the right clients to save time while ensuring the emails are personalized to increase conversions and response rates. If you’re considering emails as an option to scout for prospective clients, get started with our tips below to get the best results from your campaign.


Spend some time identifying people you want to contact. Getting a list through Reonomy, Prospect Now, or DataAxle can be a great start if you do not currently have a list.

Certain email prospecting tools such as LeadFuse can also help search for prospects by company name or website to add to your contact list. You can also identify company websites that highlight their values and mentions the possibility of expansion or scaling back operations. For individuals, personal blog posts or websites can provide insight into what the person is looking for, which can help you craft a targeted message and create leads.

Prospect Scores

After you’ve conducted the required research, start by assigning prospect scores to the pool of potential clients according to how likely it is that they will become a client. The score can be determined by the industry the business or individual or gut feeling, along with purchasing power and expectations of what the client is looking for.

The degree of email personalization should directly correspond to their prospect score; a high prospect score (higher chances of conversion) requires emails to be highly targeted. In this case, personalization has a strong bearing on the success of the email.

Time Is of The Essence

Before sending out your email, make sure you are sending it at an appropriate time while using current information from your research to spark the client’s interest so they can respond positively. You should consider the client’s situation before you email them; it would be better to target clients if they’ve recently celebrated an accomplishment or if they’re looking for real estate options to grow or sell.

Email Content

The email has to be personalized to inform the client about what problems you can solve for them or highlight what value the agent can offer them. Therefore, it is beneficial to include an eye-catching subject line that intrigues the prospect, and the content should have a clear purpose and direction.

You should describe the benefits you can provide and base the text on your reader. Be sure to end the email with a call to action, including your contact information or a link to your real estate site or social media. Hot Tips to Writing Cold Emails for Commercial Real Estate.

Follow Up

After you have crafted and sent the personalized email, don’t be afraid to follow up as second emails usually get higher response rates than initial ones. It can also be a great way of knowing if your prospects are interested.  How Email Marketing Can Boost Your Commercial Real Estate Business.