Mahogany Theme

Multi-Family Brochure, Sales Package Template

Mahogany, has been created for multi-family, but can be adapted for other commercial property including land, retail, office, industrial, and other.

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Listing Brochure

Download PDF Example - Mahogany Theme

Commercial listing brochures are often used in leases or the sale of smaller deals ($1M and lower).  Popularly used when advertising a property that does not need intensive information.  Most agents will use the first two pages, deleting the additional pages.  The listing brochure is a staple required in most of your business dealings.  This template will have you plugging in information quickly and easily.  Turn-around a beautiful brochure quickly!

  • Colors change easily
  • Replace logo easily with yours
  • Colors and text changeable
  • Landscape design
  • Size 11″ x 8.5″ for easy printing
  • Add as many pages as needed
  • Delete unneeded pages

Sales Package (OM)

Download PDF Example - Mahogany Theme