Your commercial real estate business needs a digital footprint, which is where a well-designed and developed website comes into the picture. Cutting-edge technologies in the digital space have transformed the way commercial real estate agents do business. The days when it was an option to have a social media presence are long gone because today, it is vital to have a social media page for any business in commercial real estate.

Website visitors are tech-savvy today and access to easy and up-to-date information about the industry. Therefore, you must ensure your commercial real estate website is loaded with special features such as 3-D rendering tools, space planning applications, and video floor plans. If you want to upgrade your commercial real estate website or want to launch a new one, here are the five keys you should follow:

1.    Branding

You can’t underestimate the power of branding when it comes to your commercial real estate business. Your website should be integrated into the branding of your business and should reflect everything that you stand for and want to convey to customers and clients. Therefore, when designing and developing your commercial real estate website, ensure that it reflects your brand. 8 Helpful Tips to Branding a Commercial Real Estate Business

2.    Compatibility with Devices

When creating a dynamic commercial real estate website, you want it to be compatible with the latest tablets and smartphones. You will also need a mobile app, as that allows people to access your commercial real estate business on the go. You want to attract the right audience, which means ensuring you have compatibility with all devices to reach out to more people. 5 Essential Features for a Commercial Real Estate Website

3.    Social Media Integration

You won’t go far if you don’t integrate social media into your commercial real estate website. The clients and customers you want to target are already on major social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook. You want to be where your audience can find you, and that’s why it is imperative to have a social media presence for your commercial real estate business.  How Social Media Helps in Selling Commercial Real Estate

4.    Harness SEO

You should make search engine optimization your best friend when designing and developing a dynamic commercial real estate website. After all, without SEO, you won’t manage to position your page in the top results whenever someone enters a search on Google for your industry. Any website that doesn’t have ongoing SEO will fade away from existence, which is why you must stay on top of SEO and harness its potential to your benefit. SEO Content Creation for Commercial Real Estate Websites.

5.    Integrate Video and Media

You want maximum eyes on your content and visitors to stick around on your commercial real estate website. To do that, you must provide them with reasons not to leave your website, which you can achieve by integrating video and media. You can embed industry-related podcasts and how-to videos on your website to spark interest and keep people coming back to your website for more.  How to Best Use Video in Commercial Real Estate Marketing