Chances are your commercial real estate website is your #1 marketing tool.  Agents are constantly sending people to their personal website to learn more about services.  The website address is on business card and email signatures.  To be competitive in today’s market, it’s important to have a great website design.

Layout.  Don’t get cutesy with the menu.  Everything should be labeled clearly – I.E. Don’t label your “Contact Us” page something like “Messenger Pigeon”.  Be very clear when labeling your menu, people don’t want to waste their time clicking through every page before they finally find their desired content.  Also, don’t get caught up in too many images and large amounts of content.  Blog articles are great for further explaining certain concepts, but your services should be kept to easy-to-skim paragraphs, bullet points and/or visual aids.

Movement.  It’s getting easier to embed video or animations directly into your website!  Thanks to new compression software and CSS animation, movement can be attained without long load-up times.  When it’s done properly, your webpage can load in 4-5 seconds even with an embedded video!  Flash animations can explain complex business models or concepts with a short load time as well.  Also, fun CSS animations like images sliding in, appearing and fading, rotating, can all be achieved with basic coding.

Images.  It’s great to have some identifiable photos of your area.  This will establish that you are, indeed, a local.  I like to put these images on the home page slider.  Be careful not to steal these from the internet!  You could end up with a minor lawsuit on copyright infringement.  Shutterstock is a great place for images that’s not expensive.

Lead generation.  Offer something for the website visitors to download in exchange for their contact information.  “Download ‘5 Tips to Selling your Property’, just fill out your name, email, phone, company, etc..”  It’s a great way to gather contact information for calls, mailers and email announcements.  Integrate your forms with MailChimp to have all your data be automatically entered into a database.  Send your new leads newsletters, announcements and more!  Integration is a great hands-off solution that really works.

Showcase your listings.  Now-a-days, it’s easy to showcase your listings.  With IDX solutions, you can pay your listing provider a monthly fee.  The IDX system with automatically update your website with revised listing content, new listings and most solutions will show all your properties on an interactive map.  Your website visitors will not be able to see other agents’ listings or information – it will exclusively show your available properties.

Portfolio of closed deals.  It’s great to show all your former deals in an easy to sort portfolio.  Show off your expertise in a specialty or allow people to see your range of experience from a medical office lease to a NNN sale.  This information is great to show your potential clients how long you’ve been in business.  No deals yet?  Add it to your website after you’ve made 15+ deals.

No matter what your commercial real estate website design goals, we have a website package for you!  Whether it’s a full lead generating system or a simple website, we’ve got you covered.  Pricing structure covers every budget.