When it comes to real estate web design, presentation of content is critical to help build credibility and establish trust with prospective clients. One of the best ways to enhance your listing’s digital presence is to create a commercial real estate website that is pleasing to look at, easy-to-use and contains high-quality content. An effective and beautiful commercial real estate website can set you apart from a crowded marketplace. If you need inspiration for your website, check out some of the best commercial real estate designs of 2020.

Best Commercial Real Estate Website Designs

1.     My Gainsville Realty

Eric Ligman is a commercial real estate agent specializing in top marketing and tenant representation. The My Gainsville Realty website uses a unique design to present information in a compelling manner. Visit the My Gainsville Realty website.

2.     Odyssey

The Odyssey Real Estate Capital website serves as an inspiration for anyone looking to create an appealing and compelling commercial real estate website. The site uses high-quality imagery and relevant content for promotion. The real estate portfolio of the firm includes office, industrial, retail, medical office, and land. Visit the Odyssey Real Estate Capital website.

3.     SSS Commercial Real Estate

The SSS CRE is a commercial real estate brokerage in Alaska. The home page of the website offers information about the firm and features properties available for lease or sale. Visit the SSS CRE website.

4.     Sovereign Realty

The Sovereign Realty is a residential and commercial real estate firm located in Gloucester, Massachusetts. The website is designed to offer a user-friendly experience to visitors and allows people to buy, sell or lease commercial and residential properties. Visit the Sovereign Realty website.

5.     Colonial Realty

The Colonial Realty website provides an opportunity to buy and sell properties, as well as find exclusive commercial real estate. Visit the Colonial Realty website.

6.     Yates, Wood & MacDonald

The Yates, Wood & MacDonald website blends a simplistic design, with high-quality content for the commercial real estate market. Visit the Yates website.

7.     Coastal CRE

The Coastal commercial real estate website has incredible imagery, interactivity, visual design, and sound engineering. All these elements come together to create an engaging, emotional, and compelling website. Visit the Coastal CRE website.

8.     Urban Commercial Real Estate

The Urban commercial real estate website pushes accessibility, usability, simplicity and responsive design forward. It is simple to use, responsive, and isn’t riddled with issues that are generally found in other commercial real estate websites. Visit the Urban CRE website.

The commercial real estate websites featured above should give you some inspiration and help you come up with a compelling and effective web design. If you need assistance of a professional web developer to create a custom commercial real estate website, contact Calico Marketing.