The biggest mistake I see with commercial real estate websites is relying on the “Contact Us” page as the only form of lead capture.  There are tons of effective ways of turning visitors into leads!  But making the changes to turn your commercial real estate website into a lead generating machine, can take some serious work!  With some guidance, I hope to make the process a little easier for you.

Online Chat – See the purple “Message” icon on the bottom-right of the screen?  That’s an “online chat” software.  If I’m away, it will email me your message and contact info.  If I’m online, it sends a direct message to my phone and we can chat away.  You would be shocked at how many people click this thing.  I estimate, I receive around 5 leads per day that I may have otherwise missed.  After-all, it’s easier to chat quickly than fill out and submit a contact form.  Drift has an easy to set-up and free system.

Auto Chat Bot –  When you’re away, set a “bot” to answer frequently asked questions.  Maybe a choice of “Tour a Property”  |  “Schedule a consultation” | “Get more info”.  After that, set your bot to have a response to each inquiry.  Some bots, like Drift, offer integration into your agents’ calendars, allowing potential clients the ability to choose times and dates of different commercial real estate agents.  …Sit down before you see pricing for this hot bot!  Currently, I’m on the lookout for more affordable solutions.

Using your Listings – While IDX (Integrating your website with LoopLink, Catylist, etc. to show listings) solutions are awesome, they lack in lead generation capabilities.  Instead, consider using our CRE Listings Plugin.  I have created this plugin for two purposes – (1) show commercial real estate listings and (2) lead gen.  There are two instances for lead capture.  (1) Set the brochure to “Lead Capture” and require visitors to fill out contact info in exchange for PDF.  (2) The Request Info button.  Both forms are integrated to your Mailchimp account!  Check it out!

White Papers – I mention this so often I feel like I’m beating a dead horse, but White Papers are GREAT at lead capture!  When purchasing my Lead Generating Website package, I have 3 pre-written papers to choose from (Investor Rep | Landlord Rep | Tenant Rep ).  If none of those fit your game, I’ll write a custom paper for you – no additional fee!  Check it out!

Market Reports – Some larger brokerages give out quarterly market reports.  You can use these for lead capture by setting up a form that subscribes them into the mailing list in exchange for these reports.  You can also use these in your newsletters to keep people subscribed and entertained.

Newsletters – The biggest issue people have with staying relevant with their newsletter is the content.  But this task can be simplified by having a clear strategy.  Example: Feature one original blog post, 3 relevant news articles, 3 new listings, and finish it off with advertising one of your services.  Add on corporate provided materials (like market reports) if you receive them.

Listing Notifications – Announcing new listings and closed deals is a great way to stay-in-touch with people.  Offering this as a “Subscribe to” is also another great way to gain additional lead capture.