Adding interactive elements to your commercial real estate website design can enhance user engagement and bring in more leads.


Here are 7 ideas to make your commercial real estate website design interactive:


Virtual Tours.

Virtual tours of properties using 360-degree photos or videos are a great way to gain interactivity. You can search for “Matterport services near me”.  See what companies near you are offering the development of virtual tours and interactive floorplans.


Interactive Maps.

I have a CRE Listings plugin with interactive mapping interface to show the location of all your current properties.  We can also set it up to show all your sold / leased properties in a portfolio property showcase as well.


Property Calculators.

In commercial real estate, we have unique and complex calculations.  These can provide valuable insights for potential investors and buyers, but there’s not a plugin in sight that will run the calculations!  I have coders that are available for the development of a custom calculator for your web design.


Live Chat.

Live chats are getting popular, but, as a website professional, I hate these!  Yes, they foster engagement with potential clients, but if your website is pushed to page #2 because of slow load speed, there’s no traffic to chat with. I suggest leaving these alone until they can run more efficiently.


Interactive Quizzes.

No need for dumb quizzes like, “what kind of cat are you?”  Instead, you can do an interactive quiz on “What property should I invest in based on my goals?”  And come up with a decision tree that will lead them to a property that best fits their needs, IE office, retail industrial, etc.. LeadsHook has a great system, but setting one up is a chore.


Virtual Reality (VR) Experiences.

For high-end properties, consider offering virtual reality experiences that allow users to “walk through” the property using VR headsets. Do a Google search for “VR services near me” and find a provider.


Resource Libraries.

Build a resource library with interactive guides, articles, and videos covering topics such as property investment strategies, market trends, and negotiation tips. Content production will position you as an expert in your field.


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