Have you tried ChatGPT for your commercial real estate website yet?

If you’re not familiar, it takes search engine information and translates it into an article written especially for you.

It can be a huge help when you’re doing menial tasks like SEO (search engine optimization).

In the olden days (few months ago), you would have to search keyword strings, copy/paste “related searches”, and repeat the process again and again to create list of keywords.


With ChatGPT, Commercial Real Estate SEO strategy can be done quickly and painlessly.


Here are some prompts you can use.


Prompt 1:  Generate a list of related keywords for [TOPIC].

This will provide you with similar keywords that people are searching for on Google.


Prompt 2:  Compile a list of ten long-tail keywords related to [TOPIC].

This is my personal favorite!  Long-tail keywords are great for blogs.  It is easier to rank highly in long-tail keywords because competition is low. Less competitors, the more likely you’ll rank higher.


Prompt 3:  Find top-performing keywords for [TOPIC].

This keyword research will give you the most popular keywords in your topic.


Prompt 4:  Find keywords with low competition for [TOPIC].

Get a list of visibility friendly, easy-to-rank-in keywords for blogging.


Prompt 5:  Generate a list of questions people ask about [TOPIC].

Great for newsletters, blogs or ideas for producing freebies that will rank highly on search engines.


Prompt 6:  Create a list of related subtopics for [TOPIC].

Dig a little bit deeper for more subjects related to your topic for an enhanced user experience and encourage better rankings in local SEO.


Prompt 7:  Generate ideas for blog posts and article topics on [TOPIC].

This will give you a list of blog and article ideas that will be great for Google optimization.


Note: I don’t suggest having ChatGPT write a blog article and you blindly copy/paste to your website.  Instead, take its first draft and re-write, or use it to outline your article.  Google is beginning to crack down on fully AI generated content, so it’s best to keep content mostly human.


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